KBC mandates brain CT scan after Mongolian player collapsed in ‘boxing accident’

The Korea Boxing Commission (KBC)메이저사이트 has made significant improvements to its system to protect athletes participating in the tournament.

KBC announced on the 8th, “We plan to conduct an enhanced health checkup, including brain CT, on compulsory one day before the game for participating players.”

In addition, it was decided to make it compulsory to purchase insurance in preparation for unexpected accidents that may occur during the game.

The background of KBC’s system improvement was an accident that occurred during a professional boxing super bantamweight match held in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do on March 11th.

Jamiyanbad Tesserenbat, from Mongolia, lost consciousness after the third round in a match with Jang In-soo (Korea) and was taken to the hospital and immediately underwent brain surgery.

KBC, which learned from the surgeon that the player had chronic cerebral hemorrhage only after the operation, decided to strengthen the examination to protect the player by checking for diseases without subjective symptoms.

Jamiyan Bhatt, who was once near death, has now regained consciousness, and his hospital room has also been moved from the intensive care unit to the general room.

According to KBC, Mongolian boxing hero Rakba Sim, a former two-weight division champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA) who brought Jamyan Baat to Korea, has not been contacted for nearly two months since the accident.

In response to KBC’s decision to pay for all medical expenses to fulfill its moral responsibility, boxers including Hong Soo-hwan and Myung-woo Yoo joined forces to raise more than 32 million won so far.

KBC said, “Regardless of nationality, all boxers are saddened with one heart, and we will continue to do our best to help players recover. We will continue to conduct fundraising campaigns.”

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