“Kim Ki-hyun’s son is an executive at a virtual currency company?”…Democrats “Disclose your holdings”

In response to media reports that the son of Kim Ki-hyun안전놀이터, the leader of the Grand National Party, is a “cryptocurrency industry executive,” opposition parties have called for an investigation into the allegations.

Representative Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party of Korea on Tuesday called on Kim Ki-hyun to reveal his cryptocurrency holdings, saying, “It’s time for him to answer” in response to reports that his son is an executive at a virtual asset (cryptocurrency) company.

Lee wrote on his Facebook page that day, responding to reports that Kim’s son is an executive at a cryptocurrency company.

In a written briefing, Han Min-soo, a spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Korea, said, “According to reports, Kim’s son works as an executive at a startup planning company that is a subsidiary of Hashd, a blockchain investment firm,” and claimed that Hashd was an early investor in Terra-Luna, which ran a trillion-dollar coin scam.

“If his son is in the crypto industry and he (Kim) says he has nothing to do with crypto, it will not be easy for the people to accept,” said a spokesperson, urging Kim to disclose his crypto holdings and prove his innocence.

“Kim advocated for a moratorium on the taxation of virtual assets in a speech to bargaining organizations in June 2021, when he was the leader of the Grand National Assembly,” he said, adding, “The facts that have come out so far make us suspicious of Kim’s connections to the virtual asset industry as well as his coin holdings.”

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