Kim Nam-guk Coin’ Wemade Company visits the National Assembly 14 times

Regarding the controversy over Rep. Kim Nam-guk’s possession of 6 billion won in Wemix coins, it was reported on the 19th토스카지노 that executives and employees of ‘Wemade’, the game company that issued the coin, visited the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul a total of 14 times over the past three years. In other words, WeMade officials contacted political figures once every two or three months. During that period, along with Congressman Kim, members of the Democratic Party jointly proposed a virtual asset tax deferral bill and an amendment to the Game Industry Promotion Act, raising suspicions of ‘legislative lobbying’.

In summary, from May 2020, when the term of office of the 21st National Assembly began, to May of this year, the number of people who wrote their affiliation as ‘Wemade’ visited the National Assembly 14 times. One of these visits was to the ‘political affairs committee’ in the National Assembly building (main office). The Political Affairs Committee is a standing committee in charge of virtual asset policy. The remaining 13 times are said to have entered and exited the office of the National Assembly member in the House of Representatives.

To enter the National Assembly building, you must submit the date, place, and purpose of your visit in the lobby on the first floor, and then go through confirmation procedures at the parliamentary office. The 14 visits were made over 11 days. It seems that he visited several parliamentary offices at once. Regarding the specific details of the visit, the National Assembly Secretariat said, “It cannot be disclosed to the outside world under the Personal Information Act.” One politician said, “I understand that the parliamentary office visited by WeMade includes both the ruling and opposition parties.”

Wi Jeong-hyeon, president of the Korea Game Society, said in a discussion on the 19th, “(Wemade) is P2E ( Play to EarnGame to make money) It has a business structure that has no choice but to risk life and death in the political lobby for legalization,” he said. said. On the 17th, WeMade filed a complaint with the police against the president of the society for defamation. WeMade said in this paper, “I have not entered the parliamentary office from May 2020 to the third quarter of last year, and it is impossible to specify the number of times since the end of last year, but I have visited the National Assembly to attend public hearings and inquire into the parliamentary office.”

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