Kim Yoo-seong bowed his head in a cold sweat “I am grateful for your forgiveness and opportunity, I will become a good player

 Doosan Bears pitcher Kim Yoo-seong (21)메이저사이트, who was registered as a first-team entry for the first time after his debut, stood in front of the reporters.

Kim Yoo-seong was registered in the entry ahead of the Daegu Samsung match on the 27th. Instead of Kim Yu-seong, Lee Seung-jin was canceled.

Kim Yoo-seong, who met the reporters with a firm expression, opened his mouth in a cold sweat as if he was nervous.

Regarding his standing on the first team stage after going through a difficult period, he pledged his professional life as a better player, saying, “I will try to become an exemplary player on and off the baseball field.” He said, “I think the professional baseball first team is a dream stage for all players. I will do my best to become a player who can lead the team to victory.”

Kim Yoo-sung recently got out of the school violence issue that was holding him back by receiving forgiveness from the victim. The issue has been resolved, and while she maintains a good pitch in the Futures League, she is able to step on the first team stage, which she felt was far away.

Kim Yoo-seong, who asked for a sincere apology and forgiveness from the victim, said, “It is difficult to give specific words, but he said, ‘I will support you'” and “I am grateful for the forgiveness and giving me the opportunity to play baseball. I will try to become a better player, I will keep it and play baseball,” he promised.

Kim Yoo-seong was nominated by the NC Dinos as the first pick in the 2021 rookie draft. However, when she was in middle school, the issue of ‘school violence’ arose, and the nomination was eventually withdrawn.

After going to Korea University, he entered the 2023 rookie draft as an early draft, and was nominated by Doosan in the 2nd round, 19th, and wore a professional pro uniform. In the meantime, I have stayed in the 2nd Army without a promise as no agreement was reached with the victim.

time of frustration. Kim Yoo-sung expressed his gratitude, saying, “The coaches helped me a lot during my school days. He will keep his gratitude in his heart and become a player who works harder.”

Despite the difficult times, Yuseong Kim has grown steadily.

During his time at Korea University, he recorded the highest distance of 154 km and received attention as the best pitcher in the university. Kim Yoo-seong explained his growth process at the time, saying, “I increased my speed by increasing the amount of exercise such as weight training and reinforcement training.”

His focus on the professional stage has changed. He explained, “I had time to make up for my shortcomings while receiving feedback from coach Kwon Myeong-cheol and Kim Sang-jin. In particular, when I was pointed out that my hind legs were quickly dragged out and lacked strength, I grabbed my legs and the strength at the tip of my ball improved.” He explained, “I thought speed was important in college, but when I came to the pros, I was training while thinking more about the importance of movement and the tip of the ball.” Yuseong Kim recorded the highest distance of 149 km in the Futures League.

Kim Yoo-seong said, “I think I’ll be very excited when I stand on the mound for the first team. I want to do my best to help the team win according to Yang Eui-ji’s signature.”

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who registered on the same day after accompanying Kim Yoo-seong from Daegu’s three weekday match against Samsung, said, “I saw yesterday’s bullpen pitching and judged that the pitching coach had a good pitch. I hope,” he explained the background of the call-up. Director Lee said, “I think we should play a role that can fill in when someone is missing in the relief team, or when the starting lineup needs a break or is injured. It explained how to use it. He went on to say, “We’re going to have to do our part to help us become good people, real pros.”

Kim Yoo-seong is recording an average ERA of 2.77 in 3 futures league games. As a starting pitcher who can handle long innings, it is expected to add great strength to the Doosan bullpen.

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