Korean McGregor’s Dream’ Lee Jung-young “I will study English from May”

‘Korean Tiger’ Lee Jeong-young (28, Strong Gym)메이저사이트, who entered the UFC, an American mixed martial arts (MMA) organization, wants to become a top star like Conor McGregor (35, Ireland). His confidence is full. 

Lee Jung-young, who won the Road to UFC final against Li Ja (China) in February, achieved his dream of entering the UFC. However, he repeated the word “I’m sorry” as if he wasn’t clear. This is because he did not perform very well in the final, where he was sure of an easy victory. He struggled with Lee Ja’s relentless wrestling. 

At that time, Lee Jung-young announced the injury of ‘cruciate ligament rupture’ after winning the decision against Lee Ja. He confessed that he hid the injury in order to advance to the UFC. His poor knee affected his preparation for the game. Before the final, he said he hadn’t even properly trained or sparred. 

In a recent phone interview with this magazine, Lee Jung-young recalled the match with Lee and said, “I was nervous while waiting for the verdict. He thought for a moment, “What if I lose?” Due to my personality, I feel bad for winning like this.”

Previously, Lee Jung-young, who finished the two Road to UFC quarterfinals and semifinals in a total of 78 seconds, received great expectations. The prospect that he would easily settle into the UFC featherweight rankings (15th) prevailed. However, after this match, the suspicion towards him deepened. Lee Jung-young said, “The pros are all about the content of the game. The injury is also my fault,” he said.

Lee Jung-young said, “I was disappointed (with my poor performance),” but the dream of becoming a “Korean McGregor” is still there. He has always picked McGregor as his idol and believes that he can become the world’s greatest star. However, in order to evoke the ripple effect of McGregor, he must be able to speak English as well as his skills as a fighter. This is because emotions and intonations are not conveyed through an interpreter. 

In addition, studying English for communication is essential for Lee Jung-young, who is planning a field training in the United States. Lee Jung-young said, “I plan to study English from May. It seems that my head is not working because I am only working out. He tries to learn properly from his teacher. I’m going to start with conversation,” he said. “I think I’ll need it even if I live in America. We are trying to improve in this area as well.”

Lee Jung-young, who is looking forward to becoming a UFC star, will need about five months to recover from her injury. His UFC debut is expected to take place in November or December at the earliest. Lee Jung-young revealed his plan, saying, “I plan to play three games a year.”

Before the interview, Lee Jung-young, who is still worried about the match against Lee Ja, said, “I am still stressed. He will continue to take this miasma and show a different dimension in his comeback. He is confident that he will come back after developing. I will repay the fans with a completely different look.”

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