Kwon Soon-woo is hot, so all tickets are sold out

The Korean men’s national tennis team, led by ace Kwon Soon-woo, challenges the world round of 16 for the second year in a row.

The national team will play against 먹튀검증 Belgium at the Olympic Park Indoor Tennis Court in Seoul for two days starting on the 4th to advance to the Davis Cup finals.

In the 4 singles and 1 doubles match, Kwon Soon-woo (61st), Hong Seong-chan (237th), Song Min-gyu (147th in doubles), and Nam Ji-seong (152nd in doubles) will compete.

Kwon Soon-woo said, “Because it is a national competition, there is a sense of responsibility, pressure, and tension.” I think he can show a good game,” he said confidently.

Belgium is ahead in terms of objective power, but the recent rise of Korean players is frightening.

Kwon Soon-woo recently won the ATP Tour in Australia, and Song Min-gyu and Nam Ji-seong also won the challenger tournament held in Bangkok last month.

Opponent Belgium will be led by David Gopin, who has risen to world number 7. Belgium is a strong team with three Davis Cup runners-up experience.

As the result of this match determines whether they advance to the final round or are pushed out, they did not slow down their tension.

Regarding Kwon Soon-woo, Gopin said, “I have never played a match, but I have practiced several times and know his characteristics well.

In addition to the recent tennis craze blowing in Korea, the interest of fans is hot as Kwon Soon-woo’s winning effect is added.

All tickets for this event were sold out in three days.

Amidst the support of many fans, expectations are growing as to whether they will be able to rise to the round of 16 again following last year.

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