Kwon Won-il, 4th in One Champ, will join ‘Game of Thrones’… 5th Place and Rank Match

Kwon Won-il (28) will compete with the top 5 in Asia’s largest group, the ONE Championship, in the bantamweight official rankings of mixed martial arts.

‘ONE Fight Night 11’ will be held on June 10 at Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand (capacity: 5,000). Kwon Won-il, 4th in the One Championship bantamweight class, faces 5th ranked Artem Bellach (27, Russia).

ONE Fight Night 11 is a competition that matches the schedule of the main card so that it can be watched live on the global OTT service ‘Amazon Prime Video’ from 8:00 pm on June 9 in New York, USA.

Kwon Won-il wants to continue the momentum of TKO Mark Abelardo (32, New Zealand/Philippines), winner of season 3 of the martial arts reality program’One Warrior Series (OWS)’, with an uppercut following a counter knee in November 2022.

Bellach won a unanimous decision victory over Leandro Issa (40, Brazil) in his One Championship debut in October of last year. His TOP5 skills were recognized by beating the experienced director of the bantamweight championship match.

Kwon Won-il has accumulated experience in major competitions that cannot be compared with Bellach, as his One Championship record of 7 wins and 4 losses suggests. He raised his name value by defeating one championship Filipino strongmen such as featherweight champion Eric Kelly (41) and former bantamweight champion Kevin Bellingon (36).

Bellach succeeded in advancing to the One Championship by defeating ‘Shooto Brasil’ champion Elvis Silva (34) and Russian AMC bantamweight champion Nikita Voltabayev (27, Kazakhstan).

Kwon Won-il’s greatest strength as a mixed martial artist is his good physical condition in the bantamweight division, such as his height of 178 cm and wingspan (shoulder + arms) of 182 cm, and his KO win rate of 83.3% (10/12).

Bellach is not tall at 170cm, but as the submission win rate of 70% (7/10) suggests, he has excellent decision-making power to win surrenders with Jiu-Jitsu techniques. The guillotine choke, rear naked choke, and triangle choke are especially good at chokes.

Kwon Won-il has a painful memory of losing 2 times in the One Championship because he could not get out of the choke and arthrosis. It is a mid-to-메이저사이트long-range strike that saves a long reach, and the key is how much Bellah won’t give you a chance to approach.

In June 2022, Kwon Won-il missed the opportunity to aim for the top of the One Championship mixed martial arts due to a defeat in the bantamweight challenger match. Fabricio Andrade (26) did not stop beating Kwon Won-il and even beat champion John Lineker (33) in March of this year.

For Kwon Won-il, the match with Bellach is a very important point in order to maintain the status of the One Championship Bantamweight TOP5, and furthermore, to gain a justification for rejoining the competition for the throne.

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