Lim Jong-hoon, the ‘multi-tool’ of Korean table tennis “World Championship doubles? I just need to be good at it”

Woo-jin and (Shin) Yu-bin are also very good. I just need to do well. Haha” The current

Korean men’s table tennis ‘ace’ is Jang Woo-jin (Army Sports Corps). He is the best performer in domestic competitions in recent years.

However, in international competitions, Lim Jong-hun (Korea Exchange)’s performance stands out more.

In the men’s singles at the 2021 Houston Individual World Table Tennis Championships, Lim Jong-hoon rose to the round of 16, the highest among Korean players.

In the men’s doubles pairing with Jang Woo-jin and the mixed doubles pairing with Shin Yu-bin (Korean Air), he often reached the final.

He won a silver medal in men’s doubles at the World Championships in Houston. This is the best performance in men’s doubles at the World Championships in Korean men’s table tennis history.

Lim Jong-hoon’s strong side on the international stage continues this year as well.

He jointly won two silver medals in men’s doubles with Jang Woo-jin in international competitions such as the World Table Tennis (WTT) this year.

Shin Yubin won the gold medal at the Nova Gorica Contender last year, and added two silver medals this year.

This is why all eyes are on Lim Jong-hoon ahead of the individual world championships that will open in Durban, South Africa on May 20.

In addition, Lim Jong-hun competes in all three events, singles, mixed doubles, and men’s doubles.

Lim Jong-hoon, whom we met at the Jincheon Training Camp where the table tennis national team training camp was set up, laughed, saying메이저사이트, “Woojin hyung and Yubin just believe in me and work hard.”

Doing my best would be the same, but the event that I care about a little more is the men’s doubles.

Lim Jong-hoon and Jang Woo-jin lost to the Swedish group in the Houston final. After avoiding the strongest Chinese group, I dreamed of winning a gold medal in my heart, but I couldn’t achieve it.

After that, whenever they train or play together, they talk about the final match in Houston and swallow their regrets.

Lim Jong-hoon said, “Thinking about it now, it seems that our skills were a bit lacking to win the championship,” but added, “If the two of us create more synergy, I think we won’t miss such an opportunity again. Now, I don’t want to miss that opportunity at all.” said.

Regarding her mixed doubles partner Shin Yu-bin, she said, “Yu-bin has no skills she can’t do anymore. She copes well psychologically. She prepares mixed doubles with the thought that only I need to do well.”

Joo Sae-hyeok, head coach of the men’s national team, analyzed, “Lim Jong-hoon has relatively better power than other domestic players, and this serves as his strength on the international stage. Unlike other domestic players who focus on forehand attacks, the fact that he hits well with the backhand is also a strength.”

In particular, the fact that he puts power on his backhand makes it easy to form a doubles team. Lim Jong-Hoon deserves to be called the best ‘multi-tool’ of the table tennis team.

Lim Jong-hoon, who is not inferior to Chinese and European players in terms of power, is determined to show a more upgraded appearance in sophistication and level control through this tournament.

Lim Jong-hoon said, “Until now, I’ve made a lot of mistakes when competing with top-level players,” and “Like Chinese players, I try to make fewer mistakes and hit hard, and sometimes I try to control it weakly.”

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