‘Lion King’ found in ‘Lions Park’… The delayed first confrontation between Samsung and Doosan

Director Lee Seung-yeop  visited Daegu for the first time wearing a Doosan uniform, not Samsung  . It was a matchup that many baseball fans have been waiting for. Samsung and Doosan’s first showdown of the season  was unfortunately canceled due to rain.메이저사이트 Reporter Seok Won met head coach Lee Seung-yeop and the Samsung team, who have returned  from being co-workers who ate rice together  .  ◀Reporter▶ ‘Lion King’, Doosan coach Lee Seung-  yeop visited Samsung’s home stadium ‘Lions Park’. He wears the Doosan Bears uniform rather than the Samsung uniform he is used to  . It’s an unfamiliar look, but  with the determination to focus on the game seriously,  I convey my impressions of visiting Daegu as the opposing team. ◀Doosan Bears Manager Lee Seung-yeop▶  “To be honest, as the manager of the Doosan Bears, not as a player, I only think about my team, and I forgot all the glory I had as a  player .  With the thought of making fewer mistakes…” It was an awkward sight for the Samsung Lions team, who spent an era of glory together with an old colleague  . ◀Ko Ja-wook, Sams

“The players don’t seem to have the perception that today is a special match because they think it’s the same match, and it seems like we practice harder before the match to do our best in the same way, and the match seems to be the same.”

The current situation of the two teams in the changed landscape  is also very different.

At the point ahead of the first confrontation, Samsung has 4 consecutive losses and  the opponent Doosan is winning 3 consecutive wins, but  it is difficult to predict as Samsung has been ahead of the opponent in 2022 with 11 wins and 5 losses  . “Lee Seung-yeop’s match, which was canceled from the first game due to rain, and  the match between Samsung and Doosan  are expected to continue amid high interest throughout the season.  This is Seokwon from MBC News.” (Video coverage Han Bo-wook)

ung Lions player▶

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