‘Little Woo Sang-hyeok’ to break the 35-year-old high school record

Sang-hyeok received positive energy from hyung.”

Attention is focusing on whether Choi Jin-woo (18, Ulsan Sports Science High School), a promising high jumper called ‘Little Woo Sang-hyeok’, will break the high school record that was sealed for 35 years.

On the third day of the ’51st KBS Cup National Track and Field Championship’ held at Yecheon Stadium in Gyeongbuk on the afternoon of the 6th, Choi Jin-woo competed in the men’s high school high jump and won with 2m14.

On this day, Choi Jin-woo fell far short of his personal best record (PB, 2m23) due to the rather chilly weather with heavy rain, but showed off his skills one level higher.

Choi Jin-woo, who ran 11th out of 11 players in the final, started alone at 2m04 while the players in front failed to even attempt more than 2m.

Choi Jin-woo succeeded in the first round of 2m04, 2m09, and 2m14, then challenged 2m18, but was unable to cross all three times as his hips and lower back got slightly caught on the bar.

Choi Jin-woo said, “We are making technical changes to jump over 2m25. The current record is not satisfactory, but it is a process of adapting little by little, and I think the record will come out in the second half of mastering or around June to August.”

The record was disappointing, but it 메이저사이트was ‘just like Woo Sang-hyuk’ in the running of the game to find the rhythm by inducing applause before the run, the cheering ceremony after crossing the bar, and the relaxed movement of not losing a smile even after failing.

He said, “It was a style that I enjoyed because I started because I liked sports rather than imitating (Sanghyuk Woo).” there is,” he said.

Choi Jin-woo, a senior in high school, set his biggest goal this year to break records by division. Choi Jin-woo jumped 2m23 at the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism last July, surprising him.

At that time, Choi Jin-woo drew attention by challenging 2m26, which exceeded the high school record (2m25), although he failed.

Currently, the highest Korean male high school record is held by Jo Hyun-wook (then Jinju High School) in 1988. Woo Sang-hyeok, who has grown into the ‘world’s best’, could not surpass it. Woo Sang-hyeok’s personal best in high school was 2m24.

Choi Jin-woo, who took Woo Sang-hyeok as a mentor and completed the national winter training together, said, “I received a lot of positive energy from Sang-hyuk hyung and coach Kim Do-gyun during the national team training camp.”

He continued, “My older brother always advises me to ‘enjoy it’. So I did it happily and while enjoying it, so there were no ups and downs.” I will take it as a promise.

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