“Looked like Ronaldinho”… Reversal of Arsenal’s ‘rugged prospect’

Joe Willock, who has been a promising player at Arsenal, is taking off at Newcastle United.

Newcastle beat Tottenham Hotspur. Newcastle won 6-1 in the 32nd round of the league against Tottenham on the 23rd (Korean time)온라인카지노. Newcastle climbed to third place in the league and advanced to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).

It was as shocking as the results. Newcastle scored five goals in 21 minutes in the first half and trampled on Tottenham’s ‘back four’. Newcastle, which came out with the same lineup as usual, completely destroyed Tottenham’s irregular tactics with good organization.

Willock’s performance was also good. Willock formed the midfield with Sean Longstaff and Bruno Guimaraes on this day and faithfully showed all the virtues that a midfielder should show, such as creating 2 big chances, 3 key passes, 1 successful long ball, 3 successful dribbles, and 6 successful contests. did.

The white rice came in the 19th minute of the first half. After catching the ball below the half-line, Willock broke through Tottenham’s defensive line with an amazing right-footed out-front pass and provided an accurate assist for Alexander Isaac. It was a beautiful pass that made Tottenham’s defense, including Eric Dyer, useless in an instant.

Colleagues also praised it highly. Guimarães, who started with Newcastle that day, said in an interview after the match against England’s ‘The Athletic’ that “Willock looked like Ronaldinho and played just like him” and praised him.

It’s an unimaginable tribute at Arsenal. Willock was a promising player at Arsenal who drew attention for his good spatial movement and vigorous activity, but he was a promising player who cut the flow of the game with his rough ball touch. In the end, Arsenal sent Willock to Newcastle on loan and sold it in the summer of 2021.

It bloomed under the direction of Eddie Howe. Willock, who has consistently produced offensive points despite poor performance, is leading Newcastle’s rise this season by building a solid midfield line with Guimaraes and Joellington. Director Howe also describes Willock as “the center” and is showing his firm trust.

He is a player with a promising future. Willock is a 23-year-old player who has yet to reach his prime. If Willock maintains today’s performance, he is expected to be guaranteed a starting place even after Newcastle become a strong team.

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