“My goal is to get out of Tokyo and go to Miami” WBC national team, tomorrow’s fateful match against Australia

The Korean national team participating in the ‘Baseball World Cup’ World Baseball Classic will play the first match of the first round against the ambush Australia tomorrow.

Korea, which advances to the quarterfinals of this tournament in Mokpo, must beat Australia to advance to the quarterfinals, the first gateway.

Reporter Kim Sang-ik reports from Tokyo.

The national team entered Tokyo, the final match, regaining confidence after winning the second practice game in Osaka.

The players gathered at the Tokyo Dome early in the morning to prepare for the match against Australia, which will be held as a daytime game메이저사이트.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol said that he would go out with a determined determination as much as he prepared with confidence, but did not disclose the starting pitcher for the first game until the list was submitted.

[Lee Kang-chul / WBC national team coach: (We) think that a player with quick feet and a player with long hitting power are in good harmony. Our goal is to get out of here (Tokyo) and go to Miami, USA.]

Edmon and Ha-sung Kim’s stable defense and quick baseball are expected, and we trust the powerful lineup leading to Lee Jung-hoo, Kim Hyun-soo, and Park Byung-ho.

Australia followed us, warming up at the Tokyo Dome and strengthening our resolve.

Objectively, they’re down on the line, but Australia aren’t ready to back down so easily as they need to catch us to get into the tournament.

Unlike manager Lee Kang-chul who delayed announcing the starting pitcher until the end, coach Nilsson of Australia showed confidence that it would be a close match by revealing the starting pitcher at the press conference.

[Dave Nielsen / Australia national team coach: Detroit’s young left-handed pitcher Jack O’Loughlin is the starting pitcher for the Korean match, and it’s a very important game for him, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he will do.] In the last two WBCs, Korea was eliminated in the first round

, lost all of them.

The main reason for the analysis was that the players who could not shake off the pressure of the first game were too nervous and rushed in both offense and defense.

[Yang Hyeon-jong / Pitcher of the WBC national team: Baseball is a sport where you don’t know what the outcome will be, so I’ll show you how our players do their best, one game after another.] Now, all preparations are over

. Disaster in Taichung in 2013. The battle with Australia to erase the memory of the 2017 Gocheok Dome disaster is approaching.

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