National Sports Festival D-300… Jeonnam-do, pledge to host success

 On the 15th, Jeonnam-do held a commemorative event on the D-300th day at the plaza of Mokpo Station to pledge to create an atmosphere and successfully host the 104th National Sports Festival and the 43rd National Sports Festival for the Disabled.

About 1,900 people attended the event, including Jeonnam Governor Kim Young-rok, Jeonnam-do Superintendent Kim Dae-jung, Jeonnam-do Council Vice-Chairman Jeon Gyeong-seon, local lawmakers, provincial councilors, Mokpo Mayor Park Hong-ryul, Mokpo city council, and provincial residents.

Starting with the lively performance of the eleccube, a trio of electronic string instruments, the Mokpo Municipal Choir performed a powerful performance with the theme of praying for the successful hosting of the National Sports Festival.

Then, the event came to fruition as the representative players of the Provincial Sports Association and the Provincial Sports Association for the Disabled entered with both flags.

Commemorative speeches by Governor Kim Yeong-rok and congratulatory remarks by major guests, video messages wishing for the success of the sports games by Ki-heung Lee, former national football player from Jeonnam, and Ki-heung Ki-heung, a former national football player who came out of Jeonnam, a promotional video for the national sports games, and an unveiling ceremony for the countdown clock tower were followed.

Governor Kim Yeong-rok said, “We will focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere with the goal of making the event an emotional sports event for the people, show everything Jeonnam has, and bring together the capabilities of the people to make it a great sports event comparable to the Olympics.”

At the post-meal cultural event, Park Ae-ri, a traditional musician from Mokpo, and poppin Hyun-joon, a performance artist who is her spouse, appeared as special guests and heated up the interest and desire of the people in the provinces for the successful hosting of the National Sports Festival with their outstanding singing skills and choreography.

The whole process of the commemorative event was broadcast live nationwide through Jeonnam’s YouTube channel, ‘The Best Jeonnam Tube’. 토토사이트

The 104th National Sports Festival will be held for 7 days from October 13 to 19, 2023. With Mokpo as the main venue, 49 events will be held at 65 stadiums in 22 cities and counties in the province.

The 43rd National Sports Festival for the Disabled will be held for 6 days from November 3rd to 8th with 31 events in 36 stadiums in 12 cities and counties.

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