New alcohol in a new unit, signifies the reshuffle of coaches Kim Joo-seong-ho and Song Young-jin-ho

Suwon KT and Wonju DB, which are preparing for the new season with a new command tower, have reorganized their coaching staff. As the saying goes, ‘new alcohol is in a new unit’, KT coach Song Young-jin and DB coach Kim Joo-seong prepare for a leap forward with new coaching staff.

KT chose Song Young-jin as the successor to head coach Seo Dong-cheol. In order to give strength to the new coach, the new coach who took the baton is given full authority over the composition of the coaching staff. KT appointed coaches Park Ji-hyun, Park Jong-cheon, and Kim Young-hwan as new coaching staff. Coach Park Ji-hyeon메이저사이트, who played basketball with Coach Song during Chung-Ang University, is the right person to assist him at close range. For 13 seasons from 2002 to 2017, he played for Wonju Dongbu (now DB), etc., and after his retirement, he also performed power analysis at DB. After he left KBL, he coached Whimoon Middle School and later taught youth. Coach Park Jong-cheon has been working as a KT coach for 8 years since the 2015-2016 season, and this time he will support Song again. At the end of this season, coach Kim Young-hwan, the most senior member of the team, retired and became the youngest member of the coaching staff.

The new coaching staff emphasized balance. Director Song is a big man, so he can keep an eye on forwards and centers. Coach Park Ji-hyun is a former guard and can induce the growth of advanced resources. Coach Park Jong-cheon is a former shooter and takes care of the players’ shots. As coach Kim Young-hwan has been living with the players for many years as captain, he is expected to be able to act as a bridge between the team and the coaching staff.

DB, which tried to change with the new manager Kim Joo-seong, also formed a new coaching staff. DB, which renewed the contract with former shooter coach Lee Kwang-jae, recruited coach Han Sang-min, former Seoul SK coach. Coach Kim Joo-seong can help the big men grow, and coach Lee Kwang-jae can hold the shot. Coach Han Sang-min expects that he will be able to apply SK’s system, which has advanced to the championship game for two consecutive years, to the DB and help with his knowledge of foreign players.

Both teams, filled with coaches who will share the necessary parts of the team, will begin preparations for the 2023-2024 season from June 1st.

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