‘No. 1 in stealing allowed’ SD, pitching staff defense training… Kim Ha-seong practice stealing

The San Diego Padres, which allows the most stolen bases in the major leagues, conducted defensive training for pitchers.

The Padres conducted pitcher defense training (PFP) instead of batting training ahead of the home game against the Milwaukee Brewers held at Petco Park in San Diego, California on the 15th (Korean time).

It is not uncommon for major league teams to conduct PFP during the regular season. It is often played by teams that have entered the middle of the season or are facing the postseason. There are not many cases that go on in April.

There is a reason for this. San Diego has now allowed 19 of 20 stolen base attempts by opponents. He has allowed the most stolen bases in the major leagues.

Manager Bob Melvin said at a press conference after the game the previous day, “Pitchers need to move a little faster on the pitch. We have to give the catchers a chance (to catch the runner),” he urged the pitchers to do their best메이저사이트. And in one day, he instructed the pitchers to do defensive drills.

On this day, San Diego pitchers studied how to tie up opposing runners while conducting defensive training including check-and-run practice. Fast-footed beasts in the team, such as Kim Ha-seong and Jose Ajoca, were also present at this spot. Kim Ha-seong and Ajoka practiced stealing with pitchers during check-in training.

In a meeting with MK Sports the day before, Kim Ha-seong said, “In the end, pitchers have to pay attention. No matter how our fielders tie up runners, if the pitcher doesn’t care, they have no choice but to steal the base. Runners run after watching the pitcher’s movement, not us,” he said, adding that pitchers’ efforts are needed.

It is a very different atmosphere from Korea, where the responsibility for allowing base stealing is first asked by the catcher. Regarding this, he said, “In Korea, when bullpen pitchers come out, they say to throw the ball in 1.3 seconds until the catcher receives the ball in quick motion. From the runner’s point of view, if the ball goes in within that time and the catcher is good, stealing is not easy. Even if it exceeds 1.3 seconds, it can be covered if the catcher is good. That doesn’t work well here. It is because most of the pitchers have large quick motions,” he said about the difference between Korea and the United States.

Meanwhile, San Diego had Xander Bogatz (shortstop), Manny Machado (third baseman), Juan Soto (left fielder), Nelson Cruz (designated hitter), Kim Ha-seong (second baseman), Luis Campusano (catcher), Brandon Dixon (first baseman), Trent Grisham (center fielder). Jose Ajoca (right fielder) announced the lineup. The starting pitcher is Michael Waka.

Against lefty Eric Lauer, left-handed hitter Jake Cronenworth was benched and right-handed hitter Dixon was included.

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