No 1st place overall Kim Seo-hyun, but 14 new faces boarded the opening entry, the most since 2008… KBO New Era Notice

There is no special rookie who joined as the first overall, but new faces are diligently being transfused. Starting from the appearance of Lee Jung-hoo in 2017, it is a KBO league where high-quality prospects steadily appear. In the opening game of the upcoming 2023 season, 14 newcomers, the most since the 2008 season (15), entered the entry.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced the entry for the opening game on April 1 on the afternoon of the 31st. On this day, by 3:00 pm, opening entries were received from 10 teams, and they were collected and released.

SSG Song Young-jin and Lee Rowun, Kiwoom Kim Gun-hee and Kim Dong-heon, LG LG Park Myeong-geun, KT Ryu Hyun-in and Son Min-seok, KIA Kwak Do-gyu, Samsung Lee Ho-seong, Lotte Lee Jin-ha, Lee Tae-yeon, Kim Min-seok, and Hanhwa Moon Hyun-bin will begin their first year in the first team.

It is a significant newcomer craze메이저사이트. In the KBO League, 11 newcomers boarded the opening entry in the opening match of the 2022 season last year, and for the first time since 2013 (11), more than 10 newcomers looked at the first team stage. And this season, more rookies are staring at the ground from the opening match with their seniors.

As much as that, the skills of players coming over from the amateur stage are improving. There are many pitchers with powerful pitches, and many fielders who show talent early on either at bat or on defense.

LG Park Myung-geun was selected as a long relief pitcher from the camp and a middle pitcher who solves crisis situations. KT Son Min-seok played an active part in the demonstration game with a batting average of 0.400 (8 hits in 18 bats). KT infielder Ryu Hyun-in also continues the solid defense shown in last year’s baseball entertainment show, Strongest Baseball, on the professional stage.KIA Yoon Young-cheol, who was excluded from the opening entry but was nominated as the second overall, was dropped as the 5th starter and plans to start in one of the 3 away matches against KT from the 4th to the 6th of next month.

Of course, there are parts that have purposes other than business trips. Regarding the inclusion of Youngjin Song, Roun Lee, and rookie catcher Hyungwoo Cho in the opening roster, SSG coach Wonhyung Kim said, “I think it is very important for young players to experience the feeling of the opening game. It will be a study to see how the seniors prepare for the game and how they play with a full crowd.”

SSG will face KIA in their opening match at home, Munhak, on April 1st. Ahead of the opening game, an event was also planned to celebrate last year’s combined championship. The 2022 season championship ring will also be awarded. Song Young-jin and Lee Row-un are expected to look at the seniors receiving congratulations from a full crowd.

On the other hand, Hanwha put Moon Hyun-bin, 11th overall, in the opening entry in the second round, not Kim Seo-hyun, who was ranked 1st overall. Hanwha plans to foster Kim Seo-hyun in more detail. It is a policy to encourage Kim Seo-hyun to improve his pitching sense by equipping himself with a breaking ball in the second team and steadily participating in the game.

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