“No matter how bad I am”… What is Kim Eui-gyeom’s angry Han Dong-hoon remark?

On the 19th, Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom criticized the Democratic Party’s fake news and said to Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, who 메이저놀이터mentioned himself, “What would a country’s justice minister say?”

Rep. Kim wrote this while sharing an article on Facebook that day, in which Minister Han earlier said, “Is Rep. Park Chan-dae decided to take charge of fake news from the Democratic Party instead of Rep. Kim Eui-gyeom?”

On the 18th, the previous day, Minister Han made this position, calling it “fake news” in response to Park’s claim that he refused to disclose whether a high-ranking official had virtual assets.

Regarding this, Rep. Kim said, “Why are you bringing me into this matter?” and “No matter how much I hate it, this is not it. Not even a minister is like this.”

“Moreover, Minister Han filed a civil lawsuit against me for 1 billion won, and also filed a complaint with the police,” he said. Wouldn’t it be considered a ‘line’ and shrink?”

Rep. Kim also said, “Apart from everything, Minister Han said that he sent these contents through the ‘Ministry of Justice text notification system’.”

therefore “

On the other hand, Minister Han said, “I lied again,” regarding Rep. Kim’s claim that he made his position through the “Ministry of Justice text message notification system operated by the national budget.” “Of course, no state budget is being spent here.”

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