Ohtani, stay with the Angels” The 526.7 billion won superstar is desperate

Mike Trout (LA Angels) once again strongly hoped for Shohei Ohtani to stay on the team. Trout made the above comment during a recent appearance on MLB Network’s High Hit. Sports Illustrated’s Fan Nation Hello Today reported the news on the 29th (hereinafter Korean time) and said, “Trout does not want to lose a teammate this offseason.”

As the owner of Arte 먹튀검증 Moreno recently canceled the sale of the club, rumors of a trade for Ohtani surfaced again. Neither Moreno nor manager Perry Minassian made an official comment on Ohtani after the cancellation of the sale, but most American media outlets assume Ohtani and the Angels’ breakup is a foregone fact. It is believed that the Angels cannot afford the $500 million that is being discussed as the ransom for Ohtani.

Trout, a teammate of Ohtani and a superstar who represents the major leagues ($426.5 million in 2014, about 526.7 billion won), feels sorry for this reality. “Having talked and worked with Ohtani over the years, he definitely wants to win,” Trout said. He hates losing. He hates going home early.”

“So we have to spend a big season with Ohtani and hopefully get him to stay here.” As a teammate, as someone who knows Ohtani’s true heart, Trout doesn’t want to part with Ohtani. Of course, it is highly likely that it is an empty echo.

HalloStoday said, “In response to questions from the media about the extension of the contract, Ohtani said that he was just concentrating on doing better to win the game. The decision in the offseason (FA qualification event) seems to have a large effect on that factor.”

In the end, if the Angels want to catch Ohtani, the owner must show a strong will and the team must go to the championship. However, no one believes that the Angels will surpass the strongest Houston Astros or the strengthened Texas Rangers in the American League West.

“If the Angels prove Ohtani can win this season, they’ll have a much better chance of keeping him in Anaheim,” HalloStoday said. However, if he struggles this season and fails to make it to the postseason for 9 consecutive years, he will have to say goodbye to the Ohtani era.

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