Opening of the 12th Gaebyeok General Construction Boat Iksan-si Donghoin League

Gaebyeok General Construction Boat, aiming for the best league for club members, opened on the 28th at the Iksan Indoor Gymnasium.

A total of 117 games will be held over the weekend until November with 440 participants from 22 teams, including 20 clubs active in the Jeonbuk region and two teams active in Cheongju and Sejong City.

The league, which is divided into two groups,먹튀검증 will play 120 matches in each group, and the top 4 in each group will advance to the final round to determine the final champion.

In particular, it was difficult to continue the tournament due to financial difficulties, but with the active support of the Jeonbuk Basketball Association (Chairman Lee Young-seop), the scale of the tournament was increased and held, and many clubs from Jeonbuk were invited to participate through various events.

Jeonbuk Basketball Association Chairman Lee Yeong-seop said at the opening of the Iksan-si club league, “I wanted to contribute even a little to revitalize the local club league, and as the president of the Jeonbuk Basketball Association, I came to sponsor because I wanted to help run the tournament, even if I was weak. I hope it will help the development of Jeonbuk basketball.”

Chairman Lee promised, “There are many shortcomings compared to other cities and provinces, but many basketball players in Jeonbuk, including Iksan City Basketball Association President Song Jae-deuk, will join forces to create a more advanced tournament.”

Taking this tournament as an opportunity, the Jeonbuk Basketball Association expressed its intention to actively engage in various projects, such as attracting public sports clubs, to revitalize basketball clubs and expand the base of basketball in affiliated city, county, and district associations such as Jeongeup and Gimje.

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