Packing a survival bag and confessing to a “I like you” crush

This is a roundup of news that’s been trending on the internet and social media안전놀이터.

Yesterday morning, there was a lot of commotion in Seoul as sirens sounded and emergency disaster texts were sent out.

Online, there was a lot of interest in photos that showed how scared and frantic the citizens were.

These are some of the photos that were posted on social media and online communities yesterday morning.

You can see people with water, passports, medication, cans of tuna, instant noodles, etc. in their bags.

There are also photos of people who have packed their bags with water, canned tuna, and instant rice.

Some people said, “It’s great that you thought to pack,” and others wondered, “What would you really need to pack if you were in a real emergency?

Others shared photos of people texting their significant others to say “I do” because they felt it was such an urgent moment.

They were actually sent around 6:40, the same time the evacuation texts were sent out, and they were telling their crushes that they liked them.

While we can laugh about it now, it must have been a very urgent moment at the time, and some commenters said it was heartfelt.

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