Park Chan-dae “Han Dong-hoon refuses to disclose virtual assets”… Ministry of Justice “It’s not true”

In addition, the Democratic Party’s supreme council member Park Chan-dae argued that Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon objected to the disclosure of whether high-ranking officials possess virtual assets, but the Ministry of Justice refuted that they were already disclosing the current status of virtual assets held by public officials.

Park said in an MBC radio interview on the 18th토스카지노,, “I asked 16 government departments to disclose whether they owned virtual currency, but the Minister of Justice suddenly refused because it was part of the private realm and part of personal information.” .

When the moderator asked, “Did Minister Han Dong-hoon reject it?” Congressman Park said, “Yes, so I refused because it was not subject to disclosure.”

Afterwards, when the moderator asked, “I will ask you a question again to confirm. Has Minister Han ever written such a wording?”

However, contrary to Park’s claim, the Ministry of Justice officially announced on the 10th that “As a result of checking from 2021 to January this year, there were no virtual assets held by public officials related to duties, including ministers and vice ministers, among public officials belonging to the Ministry of Justice.”

The Ministry of Justice also announced that it is regularly checking the virtual asset holding status of public officials related to virtual asset duties based on the ‘Ministry of Justice Code of Conduct for Civil Servants’ twice a year.

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