‘Please line up’ Instant fan signing event held at the airport… It was Lee Seung-yeop as expected [Oh!

“One thing is for sure, the coach is more popular than the players.”

Doosan captain Heo Gyeong-min, who returned from Australia’s spring camp, met with reporters at Incheon International Airport on the 7th and asked how the 34 days with the national hitter coach were, “What is certain is that coach Lee Seung-yeop is more popular than the players. Wherever we went, we waited for the director to sign,” laughing and sticking his tongue out at Lee’s high popularity.

As Heo Gyeong-min testified, there were more baseball fans gathered to see the manager than the players at Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 Gate B that day. At around 6:00 pm, fans with uniforms, baseballs, and cameras began to gather one after another, and around 7:30, when director Lee dragged a baggage cart into the country, camera flashes went off everywhere. It was a scene where one could realize the high popularity of this director.안전놀이터

Director Lee responded to the interview with reporters upon his arrival. The interview was a little long because he had to convey his impressions of his first spring camp, but fans waited for the interview to end while standing in an orderly line. It was a line waiting for the director’s autograph. It was quite unusual that there was a line waiting for the manager’s autograph, not a player, at the site of the KBO League’s spring camp return home.

After the interview, director Lee readily responded to fans’ requests for autographs. He went on a long-distance flight of more than 10 hours and even conducted an interview for about 30 minutes, but it was director Lee who responded to fan service without showing signs of fatigue. Director Lee was able to leave Incheon Airport only after sincerely signing autographs for all the fans in line. 

Director Lee said, “Many of you will know about his fan service at his inauguration ceremony on October 18 last year. He made big and small mistakes when he was a player. He made a mistake, so he seems to have something else to gain.” “I will go to the fans with a lower attitude. He couldn’t get closer when he was a player, but now he wants to become a comfortable manager like a neighborhood man who takes his time and approaches his fans.” 

Time passed and five months had passed since he was appointed as Doosan Command Tower. Director Lee did not forget his promise at his inauguration ceremony and showed ‘extra fan service’ to the fans.

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