“Please pay me for the work I owe you” apartment ‘painted protest’…investigation into ‘alleged property damage’

An apartment exterior painting worker is protesting the painting of an apartment wall, claiming that he has not been paid tens of millions of won for nearly a year of work.

Han Mo, a painting worker, climbed on the wall of a new apartment building in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi Province, from around 11:20 a.m. today (April 24) and wrote the words “I want money” on the wall with paint.

Mr. Han claimed that he and 10 fellow workers painted the exterior walls of the apartment on behalf of Company A for four months from April last year, but were not paid more than 35 million won, including one month’s wages in July.

However, Company A denies that it ever asked Mr.메이저사이트 Han and his fellow workers to paint in July last year and that they were not working at the time.

When police and fire officials arrived at the scene, they tried to convince Mr. Han to come down, spreading air mats on the floor to ensure safety.

Eventually, after more than four hours of protesting, Mr. Han came down from his apartment and was arrested by police on suspicion of property damage and is under police investigation.

While investigating the circumstances that led to the protest against Mr. Han, the police are also looking into whether Company A paid him properly.

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