Police search for students at ‘pre-murder scene’

In the early hours of the morning (Nov. 21), a post appeared on social media stating that he was going to commit “senseless murder” in the restroom of a women’s university in Seoul.

Police received a report and responded to the school.

As they searched the area, they asked a student in the hallway to “check the restroom to see if anyone was in there.” The student thought it was a simple request메이저사이트.

Thinking it was a simple request, the student checked each stall, while three officers stood outside the restroom door.

Upon hearing that “no one was there,” the officers thanked the student and left without further explanation.

A few hours later, the student was told by a friend that the police had been called because of a murder notice, and she was shocked to think that she could have been defenselessly exposed to a crime.

When we went to press, the Yongsan Police Station explained that “Nam-Kyung’s entering the women’s restroom was a violation of human rights,” but more on that later in SBS 8 News.

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