‘Probably a blast’ on the pro stage Wooyoung Jo and Yubin Jang, competing and ‘growing’ their skills

Hangzhou Asian Games golf national players Jo Woo-young (22) and Jang Yu-bin (21) entered the top 10 side by side at the GS Caltex Maekyung Open, co-sponsored by the Korea Golf Association (KGA) and the Asian Tour, creating an amateur sensation. went on

Cho Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin tied for 8th place in the competition that ended at the Namseoul Country Club in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do on the 7th.

Jo Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin are creating an amateur sensation in every tournament on the domestic men’s professional golf stage this year.

It started with the Srixon Tour in March. Jang Yu-bin won the first Srixon Tour event in the season opener, overcoming 136 competitors. It is the second time that an amateur player won the Srixon Tour after Park Soon-hong (22), who won the 16th tournament in 2021.

In the second competition that followed, Yoo-bin Jang’s 1-year senior in the national team, Woo-yeong Jo, lifted the championship trophy and took over the baton of the amateur storm. It is the first time in history that an amateur national team has won consecutive championships on the Srixon Tour.

The flurry of amateurs that started on the Srixon Tour led to the Korean Tour, and at the Golfzon Open held in April, Cho Woo-young recorded an amateur championship in 10 years.

Jo Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin are talented up-and-comers who are only amateurs. Both of them postponed their professional conversion as the Hangzhou Asian Games, which were scheduled to be held last year, were postponed for a year due to the spread of Corona 19.

Cho Woo-young has already completed the verification of his skills by winning. If you turn pro after the Asian Games, you can be seeded as a winner of the Korean Tour and start working on the tour right away.

Jang Yu-bin, who won the opening game of the Srixon Tour, is no less active than Cho Woo-young.

He competed in two events on the Korean Tour this year and finished in the top 10 in both. In particular, at the GS Caltex Maekyung Open메이저사이트, he showed explosive power by pulling out as many as 9 birdies in the second round.

Jang Yoo-bin, who easily shoots an average of 320 yards, has the accuracy of iron shots. He sometimes made the mistake of missing short putts, but his shot technique was not inferior to that of his pro seniors.

The goodwill competition unfolding between the two is also the driving force behind the blast.

Jang Yu-bin said, “I am a rival who has a good influence on each other with Woo-young Cho.” I thought it would be nice if I could lift the championship trophy like that,” he said.

Cho Woo-young and Jang Yu-bin are preparing for a blast once again by participating as recommended players at the KPGA Korean Tour Woori Finance Championship held at the Ferrum Club in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do on the 12th.

Seongjae Lim (25), who is ranked 18th in the world, who will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games along with Wooyoung Cho and Yubin Jang, will compete on the same stage for the first time.

Jang Yu-bin expressed anticipation, saying, “(Lim Seong-jae) is a senior at Korea National Sports University, so I’ve met him a couple of times.”

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