Problems and concerns of Korean pitchers from the perspective of a 138-win KBO pitcher, “Japan said they prepared for 10 years.”

 The Korean baseball team tasted a terrible failure at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). He bravely set out to restore his honor, but came back after being eliminated in the first round of the finals three times in a row. There is no end to the cold perception of reality that “the 10th year of being eliminated in the first round is now proof that Korea is a baseball periphery.”

Hitting had good results in its own way. Even if you subtract 22 points against China, which is one level lower, it is evaluated that it did well in its own way. In the end, the eyes are on the mound that collapsed consecutively in the match against Australia and against Japan. They couldn’t even keep up with the global trend of ‘speed up’, and the fact that the pitchers who were said to be the best in the KBO League struggled to deal with even three batters shocked our fans.

Lotte Pitching Coach Bae Young-soo watched the preparation process of the pitchers and the progress of the tournament as a member of the national team’s coaching staff during the tournament. He prepared well and was in good condition even in the bullpen, but he regretted that he did not throw the ball properly when he went to the game. At the same time, he said that Korean baseball, including himself, had learned a lot through this tournament, and that they should share their feelings without hesitation and put their heads together to establish long-term alternatives메이저사이트.

Coach Bae said, “I admit what I have to admit, and I have to prepare what I need to prepare. I felt that there are many really good pitchers. Our coaching staff felt a lot in the field as to what part to prepare for. Shouldn’t we prepare a little more now? “I think,” he said, selecting “command” as the task that needs to be supplemented the most and the part that differs the most from current Japanese pitchers. Whether it’s a strike or a ball, it’s the ability to throw the ball where you want.

Coach Bae said, “In the case of Japanese and foreign players, even when they throw with all their might, they become a command to some extent. In our case, the command itself was not good because we were so nervous. It seems like the homework to be done is to make it possible,” he said honestly.

Among the young players currently gathering expectations in the KBO league, there are quite a few pitchers who throw the ball faster than the seniors who went to the national team this time. Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyeon (Hanwha), and Jang Jae-young (Kiwoom) are typical examples. Coach Bae predicted that in order for them to be competitive in international competitions, how well they command will ultimately be the key. Speed ​​is important, but no matter how fast the ball goes, it loses its value if it doesn’t go where you want it to go.

Coach Bae nodded, “In terms of speed, it’s definitely worth a try,” but “The key is how much and where you throw accurately. That part needs practice.” Because of this, I don’t throw a lot of balls, but I think I should point out that part in a way. I was only worried about injuries, but I think I neglected to improve my skills. Rather than comparing with Japan, I need to define Korea. do,” he said.

It is not just following Japan or the United States, but it is necessary to set a certain standard for Korea between training and injury prevention. Coach Bae said, “You need a certain amount of training to get a command. However, if you train too much, you may get injured, and it doesn’t make sense to say you can’t train because of an injury.” I think,” he said of his future tasks.

Coach Bae, a former great pitcher with a total of 138 wins in the KBO League, sincerely hoped that the failure of this tournament would serve as a foundation for the development of Korean baseball. Coach Bae said, “I think we should prepare for the next few years, not right now. In the case of Japan, they said that they prepared for 10 years. Looking at that, I felt that ‘we also have to prepare from now on’, and I am very sorry again. It’s strange,” he said, “I hope that I will accept what I have to accept, and I hope that I will put my heads together and think about the things that I need to reorganize again and again with my seniors.”

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