Professional baseball, in front of breaking 6 million spectators… 35% increase over the previous year

The 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League is about to break through 6 million spectators.

The KBO League announced on the 31st that 5,970,083 cumulative spectators entered 545 games until the 30th, leaving 29,917 to reach 6 million spectators.

The KBO League, which surpassed 5 million spectators on the 4th, is likely to exceed 6 million spectators if the game is held normally on the 31st.

By the 30th, the total average number of spectators was 10,954, up 34.6% from the same number of matches last year, and 4.9% higher than in 2019, before the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic.먹튀검증

In August, it was not easy to watch the game directly at the baseball field due to the heat wave and frequent rain. As a result, it is interpreted that many fans visited the baseball field due to the fierce competition between the teams for the middle rank, although it slightly decreased from the average number of spectators of 11,062 when reaching 5 million spectators on the 4th.

Also, the final number of spectators last season, 6,076,074, is expected to exceed this week. The record for the highest attendance ever was 8,406,88 in 2017.

By team, the LG Twins, which are currently at the top of the rankings, are the only team among 10 teams with an average attendance of 16,198 per game, recording an average attendance of more than 15,000, capturing both performance and box office success. Following LG, SSG Landers has the second largest number of players with 14,376, followed by Lotte Giants, Doosan Bears, and Samsung Lions.

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