Pull-Tab Theory of Slot Machines

I have a published theory on slot machines called the Pull-Tab Theory of Slot Machines. Basically, it’s a comparison of a slot machine game to the lowly pull-tab tickets, sometimes called Nevada Tickets. With these tickets, usually around 50 cents to one dollar each, there are five perforated sections that you peel open to see if you won. There are various themes, including slot machines. 안전놀이터

Many people think that slot machines play like the pull-tab games. With the pull-tabs, the seller opens up a bag or box of tickets and puts them into a Lucite container. In the box is every possible combination of game outcome. There’s the top jackpot award of $100, the $50 second prize, a handful of $20 tickets and all of the non-winning tickets as well. Suppose that we have 400 tickets in the box and that there is only one jackpot prize. If you are the first customer, your chances are one in 400 of hitting the jackpot. After purchasing a ticket (let’s assume that you don’t win anything), your chances of hitting the jackpot have increased. You now have 1 in 399 as one losing ticket has been removed from the box. If half of the tickets are sold but the jackpot still hasn’t been won, your chances are one in 200. This is twice the chance of hitting the jackpot as the first game you played. And, if there are only two tickets left and the jackpot still hasn’t been won, it’s 50-50. One ticket is going to win $100 and the other one won’t. In this case, you’re best decision is to buy them both. A $2 wager is guaranteed to win you the $100 jackpot!

The key difference here is that in a pull-tab game winning and losing combinations are removed from the box and your chances of winning or losing changes after each game. If the first person wins the jackpot amount, then 399 people will have no chance of winning the jackpot. It’s already gone and no matter what you do, you can’t win it. With a slot machine, however, it’s not removed. If you win the super megamoney billion-dollar jackpot then you have beat great odds in winning that jackpot. However, the next spin gives you the exact same odds of winning as you had the game before. Winning and losing games are not taken away or replaced. The slot machine does not keep track of the game before so that it affects the next game. A legal requirement of slot machines in all gaming jurisdictions is that each spin of the game must have precisely the same probability of winning or losing and that the probability of each particular type of payout (three BARS, for example) will remain constant.

I believe this perception of the slot machines comes from a misunderstanding of the slot machines’ random number generator (RNG). As the machine picks random numbers, you might or might not have a winning combination selected from the random numbers. Resetting the machine does not reset the RNG. It doesn’t start over at the beginning of the random numbers. In fact, the machine will store the arithmetic process to determine the random number and it preserves this at all time. This means the slot machine might have generated 50-million random numbers when your hopper ran out of coins and the attendant had to reset it. However, the machines must retain the previous state of the random number generator and continue from this point. Even shutting off the machine and unplugging it will have no affect on this. The machine records all of the information in non-volatile memory so that when the power is shut off nothing changes. It simply picks up from where it left off. If the machine has picked 50 million random numbers when it is turned off, the next number generated when it is turned back on will be the 50,000,001st number. This means that any restarting of the machine or resetting will not have any affect on the game outcome. This is done for fairness.

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