‘Rest is the best medicine’ Lee Kwan-woo rescued Yongsan from crisis

 Lee Kwan-woo (19, 180cm) led Yongsan High School to the semifinals.

Yongsan High School defeated Myeong High School 92-76 at the 53rd Fall National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Federation Tournament held at Wooseul Gymnasium in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 18th.

The result was a big win, but Yongsan High School did not get off to a smooth start. This is because they struggled with tight defense based on Myeongjigo’s energy level. In addition, Yongsan High School’s ‘ace’ Lee Yu-jin struggled with Myongji High School’s help defense and was unable to score.

Yongsan High School, which was clearly embarrassed, gave the lead in both attack and defense. Even though Yongsan High School had a lot of experience, if the gap widened any further, a difficult match could be expected. But the crisis did not last long.

The player who rescued Yongsan High School that day was Lee Kwan-woo, not Lee Yu-jin, Kim Seung-woo, or Jang Hyuk-jun. Lee Kwan-woo, who played only the first game of the preliminary round and missed the next two games, appeared again in the finals and changed the atmosphere of the stadium.

Lee Kwan-woo scored 3 3-pointers in the first quarter alone, scoring 20 points, 4 rebounds, 6 assists, and 3 steals. He led the way to victory by making decisive steals and 3-point shots not only in the first quarter but also in the fourth quarter.

After the game, Kwanwoo Lee said, “I injured my knee while landing a jump while playing against Whimoon High School. “Of course he’s okay now,” he said of his physical condition.

Yongsan High School has many talented offensive players. Why did point guard Lee Kwan-woo, who prioritizes game coordination and ball distribution, actively attack from the beginning of the game?

Lee Kwan-woo said, “I was in good physical condition, perhaps because I rested. He judged that his first shot went cleanly and had a good feeling. “I think that’s why he became more aggressive.”

If you watch Yongsan High School’s games closely, you will often see Lee Yu-jin dribbling across the halfway line. Even though Lee Yu-jin is a tall forward, he is a resource with excellent shooting ability and high-level ball handling. I also listened to the thoughts of position 1, Lee Kwan-woo, about this.

Lee Gwan-woo said, “(Lee) Yu-jin has good ball handling and fast speed. So sometimes he takes over as number 1 and there are times when I focus on the attack. “We are taking turns, and it is helping me a lot,” he said, expressing his gratitude to Lee Yu-jin.

In the finals between Yongsan High School and Myongji High School, Coach Lee Se-beom frequently called Lee Kwan-woo and gave him instructions when a dead ball situation or a free throw situation occurred. Coach Lee Se-beom’s orders for Lee Kwan-woo continued from the start of the game until the final buzzer sounded.

Lee Kwan-woo said, “Rather than giving special instructions, the coach told me about how to play the game or about movements that were disappointing. “He especially put a lot of emphasis on defense.”

He continued, “Coach says my weakness is defense. It’s not the end. “I’m disappointed with my speed and passing (laughter),” he said with a smile.메이저사이트

All of the players sweating heavily in Haenam are still young. Since I am not a professional, if I have any shortcomings, I can correct them through effort. Lee Kwan-woo knows this well, so he is constantly working to improve the aforementioned weaknesses and build his own weapons.

Lee Kwan-woo said, “When I weight train to improve my defense, I focus on my lower body. “For passing, he is practicing not only with the team but also with individual practice.”

Yongsan High School won a total of three gold medals this year: the Spring Federation Championship, the Association Championship, and the Federation President Championship. Of course, there will be a desire for the fall league match as well.

Lee Kwan-woo said, “The goal is, of course, to win. This trend must not be interrupted in order to participate in the National Sports Festival (laughter). “But above all, not getting hurt is the top priority,” he said, strengthening his resolve.

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