Ronaldo equals Haaland-Rashford with 15 goals this year, but too big a difference

 Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nassar) found the lost sense of goal in Saudi Arabia. If you look at the number of goals scored, he is standing shoulder to shoulder with top-class juniors.

Global sports media ‘ESPN’ compared the number of goals after 2023 of Ronaldo, Elling Hollan (Manchester City) and Marcus Rashford (Manchester United)온라인카지노 on the 7th (Korean time).

All three players have scored 15 goals so far in 2023. Ronaldo is still showing off his goal sense even though he is 38 years old. His sluggish appearance during his Manchester United days has now been erased.

However, Ronaldo cannot be evaluated like Hollan and Rashford. It’s at the league level.

Ronaldo played for Manchester United before going to Saudi Arabia, but unlike his reputation, he suffered a slump and had a lot of trouble with manager Eric Ten Hag. He was dissatisfied with this and shot the club and manager Ten Hag, and eventually suffered the humiliation of being released from Manchester United.

He tried to continue his challenge on the European stage, but accepted Al Nars’ offer, which offered a huge amount of money, because there was no team to accept it. He succeeded in reviving again, but it was difficult to stand shoulder to shoulder with bitter junior strikers.

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