Seon Dong-yeol, former manager’s best friend, was in danger of being fired due to the worst team performance

The Japanese professional baseball Chunichi Dragons are in danger of finishing last two years in a row for the first time since its establishment토스카지노. The director’s position is also at stake.

If this continues, the pace is 94 losses, exceeding the club’s most losses of 83.

There is a sense of crisis that the club can produce the worst results ever, both inside and outside the club.

Directed by Junichi Tatsunami. Photo = Chunichi Dragons website capture
Chunichi, which is at the bottom of the Central League, is recording 13 wins and 25 losses in 38 games as of the 20th. He was 4 games behind 5th place Yakult.

For the first time in the team’s history, if it is in last place for two consecutive years, and at the current pace, it is calculated that it will be 94 losses per year, which greatly renews the club’s worst.

The most losses Chunichi lost were 83 in 1948 and 1964. At this rate, Worst will be renewed.

Currently, the win rate of .342 is the lowest in the post-war period, and it is wandering at a pace of 94 losses per year. As of the 18th, the team’s ERA is 2.84, second in the league.

The team’s batting average of 0.246 is higher than Yakult’s 0.226 and is 5th in the league, but the total score of 101 and the total of 11 home runs are the worst in the league.

Even when verified with data from DELTA Co., Ltd., which performs analysis using sabermetric indicators, the tendency is remarkable.

An indicator ‘wRAA’ that indicates how much a team’s runs scored compared to the average hitter in the league. The average hitter becomes ‘0’, and the number of excellent hitters increases, but Chunichi is the worst at -32.8. Then the lower in the Central League is Hiroshima’s -6.0, which is a big difference.

By position, among the eight positions excluding the pitcher, first baseman, left fielder, and center fielder are the worst in the league. 1st base started with a track record, but the feeling of hitting did not improve, so he only played in 15 games. On the 10th of this month, the second participation in this season was canceled.

As for the left fielder, Oshima is playing in 15 games, Almonte in 11 games, and Aristides in 10 games.

Almonte is sluggish with a batting average of 0.192.

First baseman and left fielder are positions that the main batters have a lot to protect, but the biggest problem is that they do not function properly. With all foreign players unable to leave results, no solution is emerging.

The Japanese baseball media’Full Count’ expressed concern, saying, “Director Kazuyoshi Tachinami, who is in his second year in office, is facing a crisis.”

Coach Tatsunami is a former Chunichi franchise star and is a well-known figure to us as he has a close friendship with former national team coach Seon Dong-yeol. Ochiai’s head and pitching coach is also a familiar figure as he has been active in Samsung for a long time.

However, the team is in the worst slump, and its position in the team is gradually decreasing.

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