Shinpyeong “The Democratic Party caught in three traps… I don’t hesitate to pour ‘dirty words’ on Mrs. Kim Gun-hee”

Independent lawmaker Kim Nam-guk discusses the “coin investment and possession controversy” and the Democratic Party fiercely storms

“There are still many unknowns, but the facts that have been sporadically revealed so far can give a glimpse of the seriousness of the situation

.” I wonder if the current system of the

Democratic Party will be able to swim out of here.” A severe misunderstanding”

“Look at the ghost story of a late-night bar in Cheongdam-dong… They don’t take the other person’s personality into account.”

(From left) President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife, Kim Gun-hee, lawyer Shinpyeong, and independent lawmaker Kim Nam-guk.
Attorney Shinpyeong aimed at the Democratic Party, which is in trouble due to the controversy over the large amount of cryptocurrency investment and possession by independent lawmaker Kim Nam-guk, saying, “A Democratic Party lawmaker criticized that moralism within the Democratic Party is too strong in the attitude of dealing with the’coin suspicion’. A severe misunderstanding. Absolutely not,” he said, directly attacking the Democratic Party criticizing President Yoon Seok-yeol’s wife, Kim Gun-hee.

On the 21st, Attorney Shinpyeong wrote in an article titled ‘Democratic Party Caught in Three Traps’, “Look at the ghost story of a late-night bar in Cheongdam-dong. And he doesn’t hesitate to say vulgar and dirty words without considering the other person’s personality at all . Look at the case. These ‘those who take off their pants (panties) and attack’ may be part of the Democratic Party’s lawmakers, but since they are the main players of the Democratic Party, the entire Democratic Party looks like that. Among those key players, the star was Congressman Kim Nam-guk.” . Attorney Shin said, “The world is noisy with Rep. Kim Nam-guk’s ‘coin suspicion’. Given that he has played the role of a representative demagogue

of the Democratic Party so far , he is expected to cause tremendous internal damage to the Democratic Party despite his withdrawal.” There are too many unknowns, but the seriousness of the situation can be glimpsed from the facts that have been sporadically revealed so far,” pointing out Rep. Kim Nam-guk’s coin controversy.

He continued, “The ‘money laundering suspicion’ analyzed by Rep. Ha Tae-gyeong of People’s Power stands out convincingly, and if this is acknowledged, it will have the power of a tremendous explosion.” I wonder if it will be able to swim out of here.”

At the same time, he mentioned the ‘shameless trap’ first, saying, “Since the Moon Jae-in administration, when the activists directly operated the government in earnest, the Democratic Party has been groaning in three major traps.”

Shinpyeong Lawyer.
Attorney Shin said, “Globally, progressives are criticized for their hypocritical behavior arising from the principle of ‘Political Correctness’ (PC). However, the Democratic Party of Korea does not consider such things . He pointed out the controversy over drinking in Cheongdam-dong and the behavior of the Democratic Party criticizing Ms. Kim Kun-hee. Second, mentioning the ‘trap of division’, he said, “The Moon Jae-in administration has consistently divided the people into two for five years, and has implemented a policy by setting one side to be on my side and the other to your side. , It was said that the four sides did not care what happened,” and criticized that “the representative of them was tax collection.” He continued, “The slogan, ‘More taxes for the rich!’ put even those who live modestly into the category of the wealthy and imposed heavy taxation. Numerous real estate policy reforms were focused on this.” I thoroughly turned my back on the progressive government, and this may have served as the biggest factor in the regime change.” He said, “Nevertheless, the Democratic Party is still unable to escape the temptation of splitting up, as seen in the passage of the ‘Nurses Law’.” It has completely disappeared from the eyes of the people,” he said.

Shinpyeong Lawyer.
Attorney Shin mentioned the ‘trap of the dictatorship’ for the third time, saying, “The Democratic Party, which inherited the forces of the dictatorship of the closed worldview of the late Joseon Dynasty, is busy criticizing Japan at every end.” However, they can’t토스카지노 escape from the perception that ‘anti-Japanese’ is a surplus business, and they constantly criticize Japan.”

He said, “We are busy spreading the false fear that Japan will come to invade us if we are a little vigilant.” They are instigating as if there is no future for the country unless they are condemned.”

“However, in fact, Japanese students studying abroad after liberation were mostly children of the common people,” he said. They evoke pretentious resentment and groans of sighs, and are pulling us back to the past with ‘anti-Japanese’.”

Lastly, Attorney Shin said, “There are not a few people in the Democratic Party who have high knowledge and a genuine attitude of serving the people. I wait with my heart,” he added with a bone.

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