‘Sinchon Eagle’ Far from Tongyeong… Defeated Ajou University and advanced to the quarterfinals

 In fact, Yonsei University laughed in the final.

Yonsei University won the round of 16 against Tongyeong-gi Ajou University in the 59th spring university football league match held at Sanyang Sports Park in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 19th, 1-0 with Kang Min-jae’s preemptive goal in the 37th minute of the first half.

Ajou University is a strong player who has been on the rise lately, having lifted the trophy at the Chugye University Football Federation last year.

Yonsei University also showed off its stable power by going straight to the round of 16 with a 3-game win in the group stage of this tournament, drawing attention to the confrontation between the two teams.

Yonsei University, which defended Kang Min-jae’s opening goal to the end, built up its pride as a traditional prestigious school.스포츠토토

Dongguk University defeated Halla University 2-0 and advanced to the quarterfinals. Kwangwoon University, Daegu University of Arts, Kyonggi University, Catholic Kwandong University, Hannam University, and Kyunghee University survived the knockout stage by beating Soongsil University, Gwangju University, Jeonju University, Jungwon University, Sunmoon University, and Donga University, respectively.

Tongyeong Ki quarterfinal matchup is complete. clash on the 21st. Dongguk University-Kwangwoon University, Daegu Arts University-Gyeonggi University, and Catholic Kwandong University-Hannam University seek to advance to the semifinals at the expense of each other.

Yonsei University, the candidate for the championship that overthrew the opponent, tightens the laces of their soccer boots against Kyunghee University.

On the same day, Chosun University, Jeju International University, Andong University of Science, Cyber ​​University of Foreign Studies, Sangji University, Korea University, Dankook University, and Yongin University announced their survival in the round of 16 of the Battle of Hansan held on the same day.

Chosun University beat Hanyang University 4-2, and Dankook University beat Hanil Presbyterian University 2-1. Jeju International University, Andong University of Science, Cyber ​​University of Foreign Studies, Sangji University, and Korea University beat Ulsan University, Calvin University, Dongeui University, Sungkyunkwan University, and Chung-Ang University respectively in the penalty shoot-out. Yongin University beat Hongik University 2-1.

The quarterfinals of the Battle of Hansan will be held on the 21st, just like Tongyeong. Chosun University – Andong University of Science, Jeju International University – Cyber ​​​​Foreign University, Sangji University – Dankook University, Korea University – Yongin University.

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