Son Ji-in goes beyond looking like Son Yeon-jae and challenges herself to be ‘more than that’… “The stage is the constitution”

Although I don’t have much experience on the world stage, my heart is strong enough to say that I become stronger on the big stage. It is said that 16-year-old rookie Son Ji-in received special advice from rhythmic gymnastics senior Son Yeon-jae ahead of the Asian Games.

Reporter Oh Seon-min met.


[Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team Selection Competition/March 2022]

Although she was nervous and wiped away her sweat, when she got on stage, she smiled and performed as if it had never happened before.

He finished the national team selection with a relaxed expression, but found out later that he had broken his ribs.

[Son Ji-in/National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team: It hurts when I walk and I can’t lie down properly. [I think I was able to do it because I didn’t know it was broken.]

16-year-old Son Ji-in, who endured extreme pain and wore the Taegeuk symbol, says that just by going on stage, she gains strength she didn’t have before.

[Son Ji-in/National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team: I think I have stage constitution. [When I go to a nice stadium, I think, ‘It would be such a great feeling to have a great performance in a place like this.’] She

also attracted attention for her resemblance to Son Yeon-jae, who won the Asian Games gold medal and ranked 4th at the Olympics, the highest score in Korean rhythmic gymnastics history.

[Son Ji-in/ National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team: I think they look a lot alike. (Overseas) The commentator said, ‘A player who looks a lot like Son Yeon-jae has arrived.’]

I am heading to Hangzhou with the special advice I received from my senior Son Yeon-jae.온라인카지노

[Son Ji-in/National Rhythmic Gymnastics Representative: Expression and flow seem to be a bit lacking (I told you.)] I

started rhythmic gymnastics by chance at the age of 6 when I dreamed of becoming a ballerina.

The technique I am most confident in is ‘Pangcheton’, which is an application of ballet.

Recently, I succeeded in completing 8 laps.

[Son Ji-in/National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team: World-class athletes spin about 5 to 6 laps, and when I spin well, it is a technique that allows me to take the lead.] Ahead of participating in the Asian Games, the biggest competition of my life, I want to do as well as my seniors

. He says he enjoys the pressure of being sexy.

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