Son Jun-ho, caught in the butterfly effect created by the Chinese player’s infatuation problem, is only in a cramped situation.

The aftermath of a woman’s terrifying retaliation against a soccer player reached Son Jun-ho. What is worrisome is that the support route to rescue Son Jun-ho, who is in a difficult situation, seems to be virtually blocked. Currently, there is no way to know the inside story other than the results of the investigation to be announced by the Chinese Public Security Agency. The question is whether the results of this investigation can be trusted. Not only Son Jun-ho, but also Klins Man-ho and the Korea Football Association are all perplexed.

It is reported that Son Jun-ho has been detained by Chinese public security since the 12th on charges of match-fixing and bribery involving Chinese Super League club Shandong Luneng Taishan. It is reported that Son Jun-ho was arrested on the charges in front of the gate while trying to return from Shanghai Airport, China on the 12th. Son Jun-ho is said to be claiming his innocence through the Korean embassy and agency in China. However, it is currently unknown what results the investigation related to Son Jun-ho will lead to, and what disposition it will lead to. According to China-related laws, Son Jun-ho can be tied to his current status for a period of up to 30 days, which is a more worrisome situation.

The news of match-fixing related to Shandong Luneng has surfaced since March. It was sparked by a match-fixing scandal disclosed by the mistress of Chinese national team midfielder Wu Xinghan, who plays for Shandong. This woman, Jin Chen, said at the time that if Wu Xinghan did not openly apologize to her, she would expose various dark sides, such as match fixing in the Super League that Wu Xinghan was involved in, as well as age manipulation during his time as a national team member by age group.

Jincheon did this, saying that Wu Xinghan had extorted money as well as love problems, and in the process, other players started to be mentioned like sweet potato stalks. In addition to Wu Xinghan, a large number of Shandong players, including Chinese national team members Darin and Jin Jingdao, were arrested, and players from other teams, including Shanghai Shenhua’s Zhu Jianlong, Sun Shilin, and Qin Sheng, were all arrested. 

According to a <> report at the time, the Chinese public security secretly raided the training grounds of several Super League clubs, including Shandong, and arrested those involved, just like an operation to wipe out gangsters. However, this case is said to be separate from the corruption case of high-ranking officials in the Chinese football world, including the head coach of the Chinese national football team, Li Liye. In other words, the Chinese public security is conducting an extensive investigation, believing that the practice of match-fixing, which has long been rooted in cancer in the Chinese football world, has risen again.

This bad aftermath also reached Son Jun-ho. The problem is that in Korea, there is practically no way to save Son Jun-ho other than the consular assistance of the Korean embassy in China. The Korea Football Association has been in close communication with Son Jun-ho and the Korean Embassy in China since the 15th, when news related to Son Jun-ho, who is a member of the final entry for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and will play a key role in Klinsman-ho’s midfield, was communicated to the outside world. 

It was also reported메이저사이트 that an official letter of cooperation was sent to the Chinese Football Association. However, the Chinese Football Association, which has been virtually in a vegetative state after a series of high-ranking officials such as former chairman Chen Shuyuan and former vice chairman Du Zhaokai were arrested by the police, is not in a position to accept the Korea Football Association’s request for cooperation. Even if it seeks cooperation from AFC, it is questionable whether it will be effective. Whether it is match-fixing or bribery, the premise that corruption cases in the soccer world must be eradicated is a very important issue for China as well as AFC. As the Chinese public security first accused the corruption case, the justification for AFC to speak out against the Chinese side and save only Son Jun-ho is weak. In the end, they are in a position to pay close attention to the results of the public security investigation.

That should never happen, but if the results of the investigation that everyone is concerned about are announced to the outside, you will be in a more difficult situation. The Korea Football Association will be in a position where it has no choice but to discuss the disposition of Son Jun-ho through the reward and punishment committee. Even so, it is more difficult to know if the truth can be properly identified through the Korea Football Association or the investigation by the Korean investigative authorities by returning Son Jun-ho with difficulty through a diplomatic solution. Because this happened in China.

Some Chinese media speculate that Son Jun-ho may have been involved in a corruption case under the pretext of Shandong’s sluggish performance in the 2023 Chinese Super League, but the incident had already erupted in March before the season began. This year’s Chinese Super League started in April, and it is more reasonable to attribute Shandong’s slump this season to the arrest of some key players, including manager Hao Wei, who was arrested before the start of the season. Some Chinese media claim that Shandong’s slump this season is due to the sabotage play of key player Son Jun-ho, which lacks credibility. Some note that he has a close relationship with Jin Jingdao, a Korean-Chinese player from Yenben who was arrested in this case, but it is too much to speculate that he is a simple acquaintance and weaves it into a corruption case.

Even if you think about it according to the scenario suggested by some Chinese media, the possibility is low. Because Son Jun-ho has so much to lose. As soon as Son Jun-ho entered the Chinese Super League, he won the 2021 season and was rated as one of the best players on the continent. At the time of the Qatar World Cup, he was hotly illuminated by the Chinese media as the only player in the Chinese Super League to play in the tournament. Besides, he’s one of the highest-paid players in the league. This is also the reason why Son Jun-ho’s side jumped up and said that it was not true at all.

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