Sports that went through prenatal battles with Corona… All-out efforts to attract US MLB spectators

 Sports stars, who have shrunk since the Corona 19 pandemic, are expected to become more active. The World Health Organization (WHO) is discussing a declaration to end the international public health emergency. The U.S. government also revealed that it will scrap the mandatory corona vaccination for foreign air travelers as part of the coming 11th and allow entry.

Foreign media such as abc in the United States reported that tennis star Novak Djokovic’s possibility of participating in the 2023 US Open has increased along with the cancellation of the mandatory corona vaccination for air travelers by the US government. Djokovic is currently ranked No. 1 in the men’s tennis world rankings, and is a star of tennis both in name and reality who holds the record for the most men’s singles championships (22 times) along with Rafael Nadal (14th). He was not vaccinated and did not participate in competitions such as the Australian Open and the US Open last year due to related regulations.

Sports stars who struggled with Corona 19 ‘vaccination refusal’
Djokovic fought a legal battle with the Australian government in January of last year over vaccine refusal. Djokovic, who entered the country to participate in the Australian Open, fought a court battle after the cancellation of his Australian visa due to non-vaccination, lost, was deported to his home country, and was banned from entering Australia for three years. Djokovic, whose visa was issued again as the Australian government, which was replaced in July last year, eased quarantine policies, competed in the first round of the ATP 250 Adelaide International held in Adelaide, Australia in January this year and stood at the top.

In addition to Djokovic, there are sports stars who have suffered from corona vaccination issues during the pandemic.

Kyrie Irving of the National Basketball Association (NBA) refused to take the vaccine and could not play. During the pandemic, many states in the United States have made vaccination mandatory for participants at indoor sporting events. During the 2021-2022 season, New York, the home of Irving’s team, the Brooklyn Nets, also complied with the policy, so Irving was unable to play in all home games. In the middle of the season, the number of confirmed cases in the team increased, and some appearances were shown in away games that could be played, but after that, even Irving was diagnosed with corona and was unable to participate in away games.

Corona confirmation was also the cause of many sports stars’ absence from the game.

Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, who won the title of F1 car racing champion seven times with the ‘legend’ Michael Schumacher (Germany), was unable to participate in a single game in the 2020 season due to Corona.

After winning the Bahrain Grand Prix, which was held just before, Corona was confirmed in a test conducted and he missed the 16th game메이저사이트, the Shakir Grand Prix, and George Russell, a British driver belonging to Williams at the time, took the place of Hamilton. Mercedes-AMG Petronas. The match became a hot topic as the first Korean F1 driver was born at the time, with Jack Aiken (Korean name Han Se-yong), a Korean-Britishman, filling Russell’s vacancy.

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics held in February last year, ticket purchases by the general public were restricted due to corona. Before the opening ceremony held on the 4th, about 300 players and officials at the tournament were confirmed as corona, raising concerns about the progress of the tournament.

American male figure skater Vincent Zhou participated in the figure skating team event men’s single free skating on February 6 last year and took third place and contributed to the silver medal in the team event. couldn’t compete

The U.S. flag was also replaced during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. This is because American bobsled athlete Elana Meyers was confirmed shortly after her arrival in Beijing (January 29 last year). Meyers tested negative for COVID-19 on February 9 and her quarantine was lifted, so she won a silver medal in the mono bob and a bronze medal in the women’s bobsleigh two-person event held from the 14th, becoming a four-time Winter Olympic medalist.

Sports that have suffered from Corona have recently regained vitality, and American professional sports leagues are trying various methods to regain their pre-Corona popularity.

The American professional baseball (MLB) introduced a new rule to solve the problem of reducing spectators before and after the corona. The ‘pitch clock’ system, which limited the pitching time that was conducted on a trial basis, the defensive shift limit, and the base size increase were officially applied. The goal is to reduce game time so that more people can enjoy baseball comfortably.

NBA labor and management agreed to hold a ‘midseason tournament’ in the 2023-2024 season to secure revenue. The intention is to designate certain games in the regular league as ‘separate competition qualifiers’ to add something to see without major disruptions to the progress of the league.

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