Suwon coach Lee Byeong-geun “Cheer for Oh Hyun-gyu to go to the EPL… The replacement is someone with K-League experience

Suwon dramatically remained in the K-League 1 after the relegation playoffs last season. It was a score that cracked the pride of a prestigious school. Oh Hyun-gyu, the core of the team, moved to Celtic, creating a gap in the attack.

In the new season, Suwon succeeded in strengthening their power by recruiting ‘Pass Master’ Kim Bo-gyeong (34). Yeom Ki-hun dances ‘Last Dance’ as a playing coach. Oh Hyun-gyu plans to fill the vacancy by recruiting a replacement player. I met coach Lee Byung-geun, who is conducting winter training in Jeju, and heard about the plan for the new season. 바카라사이트

– How are you prepared for winter training?

Last year, I went through the promotion playoffs for the first time. I will reflect on my mistakes last year and make another leap forward this year. As a director, I reflected a lot. Both the club and the players are determined to consult with each other. The goal is for fans to enjoy football. The season goal is to return to the top split. We will move on to the Champions League. If you overcome physical training, you will surely achieve the goal you want to achieve.

we made a lot of mistakes analyzed a lot. I thought about what kind of football I would play this year. This year, we need to play a dominant game. I am preparing to improve my stamina and practical sense through the game. This year, no matter what team the opponent is, we have to play a lot of games led by us.

Block the opponent’s advantage as quickly as possible and minimize the defense. We need to bring the tempo to our side through attack transition control. You have to dig into your opponent’s weaknesses.

– I was hired midway through last season. Are you fully prepared for the first season?

Winter training is very important. Results will come only when physical strength and organizational power are steadily maintained from winter training. You need to fill in the gaps through winter training. You have to create a lot of breathing between the players.

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