Taekwondo takes its first step in ‘digital sporting’

 It was a tournament that took the first step in the digitalization of taekwondo as a sport.

The ‘2022 WT Octagon Diamond Game’ hosted by the World Taekwondo Federation (WT) was successfully held at the Goseong General Gymnasium in Gangwon-do on the 16th and 18th. In this competition, players compete in 1-1 or 2-2 formations on an octagonal diamond-shaped structure. The high school, university, and general division individual and two-person team competitions, and the middle school individual and two-person team competition were held.

In this competition, the nation’s cutting-edge IT technology was grafted, and the consensus scoring system drew attention. In addition, it proved the possibility of digitalizing Taekwondo as a sport with more advanced gamification effects than existing martial arts. 토토사이트

WT has prepared simplified game rules for this diamond game so that not only players, coaches and referees, but also those who do not know Taekwondo can understand and watch through TV and online services. In particular, unlike the 5-person team match, the two-person team is evaluated as not hindering the flow of the game because the speed of player replacement is done in an instant.

Reactions from other countries are also hot. Prior to the Diamond Game, WT posted a promotional video for the tournament, which was filmed and produced in a studio in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, on its website and SNS in January. In conjunction with the tournament, the WT Diamond Game is promoted all over the world, and many countries are showing their intention to attract the Diamond Game.

Cho Jung-won, president of the WT, exchanged opinions with key officials on the subject of the introduction of the Diamond Game World Cup competition and the holding of an independent competition. In Korea, plans to hold the event in Muju Taekwondowon or Chuncheon are being reviewed.

The broadcasting relay graphics and gamification effect realized through this competition showed the possibility of Taekwondo competition as one relay content.

In order to improve the performance of participating teams in this tournament, WT provides 500,000 won for 1st place, 300,000 won for 2nd place, 200,000 won for 3rd place, 1 million won for 1st place, 600,000 won for 2nd place, and 400,000 won for 3rd place in the 2-person group event in order to improve the performance of the participating teams. 10,000 won was awarded.