Tennis Chung Hyun loses 0-2 to No. 73 Borges in the first round of the Ross Open

Men’s tennis player Jeong Hyeon lost to world number 73 Nuno Borges (Portugal) and suffered four consecutive losses after returning from injury.

Chung lost to Borges 0-2 (3-6 2-6) in the first round of the singles final on the second day of the Men’s Professional Tennis (ATP) Challenger Ross Sea Open (total prize money 145,000 euros) held in Nottingham, England on the 13th.

Jeong Hyeon, who overcame a chronic back injury and returned to the singles event after two years and seven months through the Seoul Open Challenger last April, was eliminated in the first round in all four tournaments from the Seoul Open to the Ross Open this year메이저사이트.

Borges is a 26-year-old, one year younger than Chung, and is on the rise, winning two championships in the Challenger competition this season.

This is the first time Chung Hyun and Borges have faced each other.

Jung Hyeon rose to stardom by reaching the semifinals in the singles at the 2018 Australian Open, but since then he has not been able to perform consistently due to back injuries, etc., and has focused on rehabilitation since the 2020 French Open.

Jeong Hyeon, who currently has no ranking, is participating in the tournament after being recognized as 159th thanks to the ‘protected ranking’ system, in which a player whose ranking went down because he could not participate in the tournament due to an injury can enter the tournament with the ranking before the injury.

Jung, who is planning to compete in Wimbledon, which opens on the 3rd of next month, will participate in the ATP Ilkley Open Challenger, which opens next week in Ilkley, England.

Meanwhile, in the previous game, Hong Seong-chan (190th place, Sejong City Hall) lost to Buyunchao Cutter (165th place, China) 0-2 (6-7 <4-7> 2-6) and was also eliminated in the first round.

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