Termite outbreaks that destroyed ‘Seoul houses’ occurred all over the country

While termites belonging to the genus Cryptotalmis 메이저사이트of the dry tree termite family have been discovered in Gangnam, Seoul, foreign termites that gnaw on dry trees have been found, and damage from termites living in Korea is also continuing.

On the 20th, according to netizens, a post was posted on an online community the day before that, ‘A termite crisis also broke out in Asan, Chungcheongnam-do.’

The writer said, “Last February, I signed a contract for a shopping mall with a wooden interior and started business in March, but in mid-April, insects flew around and it was winged termites.” There were also larvae,’ he wrote.

He added, ‘I called a pest control company and sprayed it, and after a fortnight, dozens of them came out through the wallpaper in other places, and larvae even fell from behind the frame.’

Along with this, the author posted 6 photos of damage caused by termites. About 100 winged termites were captured in the photo.

After looking at these photos, Professor Park Hyeon-cheol, a termite expert at Pusan ​​National University, said, “It is not an alien species found in Gangnam, but it seems to be a species widely distributed in Korea. However, domestic species can also cause structural problems by damaging wooden houses.” said.

Professor Park explained, “In 1997, I investigated cultural properties across the country, and termite damage was confirmed in almost all cultural properties.”

“When termites are found, most of them spray pesticides, and then the termites immediately migrate and cause damage elsewhere,” he said. should be actively prevented,” he said.

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