“The city disappears at the same time as the light” A-bomb victim ‘vivid memory’

 An atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, where

the G7 will be held, 78 years ago. A 91-year-old atomic bomb survivor who endured exposure and discrimination said, “Nuclear weapons must never be used again.” As previously reported, the leaders of Korea and Japan will pay their respects at the memorial stone for Korean atomic bomb victims for the first time tomorrow.

Correspondent Hyunye Kim.


Park Nam-joo, a second-generation Zainichi Korean born in Japan. She is 91 years old this year, but the memory of that day is vivid.

[Park Nam-joo/Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Victim: Hearing the sound of the explosion, flashing at the same time, and the light at the same time, black or red, the flames covered the tank… ]

Grandmother Park, who was 12 at the time, says that Hiroshima disappeared that day.

[Park Nam-joo/Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Victim: (On the embankment) When I went up, Hiroshima disappeared. I don’t even want to think about fear at that time.]

About 140,000 Koreans stayed in Hiroshima due to the Japanese occupation, forced labor and conscription.

Of these, 30,000 people lost their lives, and 50,000 were exposed to radiation and suffered aftereffects.

The late Kwak Gwi-hoon, who was forcibly conscripted and working in the Hiroshima military base, also suffered damage from the atomic bombing.

I can see the Atomic Bomb Dome behind me메이저사이트, and only the skeleton remains of the building, showing the disastrous situation at the time.

However, even after the war ended, Korean victims were discriminated against, such as not being properly treated.

Zainichi Koreans erected a memorial stone in 1970 to honor the family members who did not return, but it was neglected for a long time due to discrimination in Japanese society.

It was only in 1999, 30 years later, that it was moved to its present location in Peace Park.

Victims of the atomic bomb claim that the bombing of Hiroshima should be the last.

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