“The coach said that my form has improved a lot” Go Young-pyo, Jeong Jo-joon against Australia [SS Interview]

“The balance has improved since I came to Korea.”안전놀이터

Koh Young-pyo fought well in a practice match against SSG Landers Future Team held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 3rd. Koh Young-pyo faced 13 batters that day and pitched a scoreless pitch. In particular, he showed good condition by throwing over 3 innings with 37 pitches and striking out 4. It was the longest inning and the best record among 13 pitchers on the national team that day.

Koh Young-pyo, who met with reporters after the game, replied, “I have improved my balance since I came to Korea,” and “I will keep my current form well and prepare well for the actual match.”

◇ Q&A with Ko Young-pyo below.

-How do you feel after the game?

It looks like it will be ready for the final real battle. When I came to Korea, the balance got better. Since the official ball is also a dome stadium, it was less dry, so I played a comfortable game.

-It was shaken in the US because of the balance, and it must have been very difficult to travel for a long time. How did you balance it?
It was difficult to get on the bus because of an airplane accident (defective fuselage). I’m adjusting to the jet lag, but I’m in good shape now that I’m back in Korea. Balance is fine too. There doesn’t seem to be any major aftermath.

-What did you talk about with director Lee Kang-chul?
The coach said, ‘It seems that my throwing form has improved a lot’. He said he would keep that form and prepare well for the actual battle.

-The first game against Australia on the 9th is an important game. I don’t know if I’ll be on the mound yet, but if I do, what kind of mindset do I want to pitch?
I think I will have to pitch the pitch I have been preparing for. If you set excessive goals, it will become a burden and tension. I will throw a lot of strikes like today (3rd). Also, I will make good use of my change-up and control, which are my strengths, to lead the hit. If you do that, I think a good game will come out. I will work with the mindset of blocking one batter at a time.

-How about training in a dome stadium after training in the cold weather of Arizona, USA?
Dome stadiums are very helpful in adapting to the official ball because the weather is not dry. It is comfortable to exercise because it is not affected by the weather. Arizona has a lot of wind, snow and rain, so that was difficult.

– Ha-seong Kim (playing in the American Major League) and Tommy Edman came to the field team. What did you see, talk about, or feel?
These are players who play in the big leagues. I’ve seen him defend a lot, but I haven’t seen him hit yet. It seems that he has the ability to induce a ground ball with confidence.

-Have you become close with Edmon?
We haven’t talked much yet.

-It seems that the regrets of the Tokyo Olympics two years ago still remain. What if you could say a word of determination?
At the time, the balance was disappointing. In this tournament, I am thinking that I want to pitch in a better way. My form seems to have improved a lot in the last game today, so I have a goal to pitch more solidly than then. I will do better pitching in this tournament.

-You managed the number of pitches well, but
the most important thing is not to give points. Even if the number of pitches increases, there are many pitchers behind, so I think it is better to pitch that you can catch rather than active pitching. I pitched in earnest today, and I think I need to manage my command a bit more.

-Pitching type that does ground ball judo. What if you send a message to Kim Ha-seong and Edman, who guard the infield?
I have the second highest ground ball induction rate in Korea. I will do a lot of ground ball induction with my two-seam fastball. You must be tired from hitting the ball a lot, but I want to tell you to catch it well.

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