“The cost of intuition to win after 19 years?” Tickets for the Arsenal final soared to 80 million won

“Arsenal, what is the intuition cost of winning in 19 years?”

The price of tickets for Arsenal’s final game in the English Premier League (EPL), Wolverhampton, soared online to 53,000 pounds (about 85 million won).

On the 30th (Korean time), the Daily Mail, a British daily, reported that ‘tickets for the last game of the season were sold to some members of Arsenal on the 28th’ and ‘supporters are selling tickets online at high prices enough to bring tears to their eyes’. Some supporters are known to bet up to £53,000

Coach Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal (69 points) is leading the league by 8 points with 10 league games remaining and 2nd place Man City (61 points메이저사이트), who have played one less game. Expectations are growing that the league championship drought of 19 years will finally be resolved.

Tickets for the last game of the season for some club members were sold out in a matter of seconds, with the expectation that the Wolverhampton match to be played in the home on May 29 at 0:30 (Korean time) would be a winning party.

As Arsenal are on a winning streak this season, it is becoming increasingly difficult for general supporters to obtain tickets, and there are concerns that ticket scalpers are using ‘bots’ to hoard tickets that fans are desperately looking for.

Right after the last ticket was released during the week, expensive ‘resale’ tickets began to appear one by one on the online ticket sales site. When some SNS users found a ticket worth 25,000 pounds (about 40 million won) and uploaded a proof shot, other users authenticated the ticket to 53,000 pounds, more than twice as much, and a ‘battle’ rather than a ‘battle’ began. Tickets for the Wolverhampton match sold directly by the Arsenal club are Grade B (upper center) among Grades A to C, and cost 75.50 pounds (about 130,000 won) for adults.

The original price for supporters of the middle-lower ticket, which is set at 53,000 pounds online, is 41.50 pounds (about 67,000 won), which is an amount that can buy 1,292 tickets at normal price.As ticket resale and scalpers are infested, supporters of the Red member, the lowest level of membership, are complaining that it is almost impossible to buy a ticket to see players such as Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli. The Arsenal club also recognized the problem and announced in a ticket policy statement for the next season, “We will continue to strengthen our efforts and investments to crack down on ticket scalping to protect honest supporters of game viewing.”


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