‘The dizzying moment when the helmet flew off’ Lee’s head bowed ‘first headshot out’

KIA’s Young Gun Lee has been sent off for a headshot. It was his fourth headshot ejection of the season and first as an individual.

Lee started the game fresh, striking out the side in the top of the first inning.

The headshot came in the second inning. After giving up a leadoff walk, Lee faced Kim In-hwan.

He threw a 146-kilometer fastball over the head of Kim.

Kim lowered his stance, but the pitch hit him in the head with enough force to knock his helmet off.

KIA starter Lee Yi-ri apologizes after taking a head shot at Kim In-hwan at first base with no outs in the bottom of the second inning메이저사이트.
The coaching staffs of both teams rushed to check on him, and Lee looked at Kim In-hwan in surprise.

Lee bowed his head and apologized, and Kim managed to pick himself up and walk toward first base.

Lee left the mound due to the headshot rule, which states that hitting a batter in the head with a fastball results in an ejection.

A sudden ejection keeps the KIA mound busy

Kim Ki-hoon, who was rushed into the mound, gave up a straight ball to Oh Sun-jin to load the bases.

He then gave up back-to-back pinch-hit singles to Lee Jin-young and Park Sang-un to make it 1-3.

The KIA bench pulled Kim again and brought in Kim Dae-yoo.

With the bases loaded and no outs, Kim struck out Lee Won-seok, but gave up a hard-hit ball to Jung Eun-won for a pushoff double.

Go Jong-wook’s two-run double in the KIA third tied the game. Daejeon=Choi Moon-young Reporter /2023.05.25/

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