The exchange rate dropped by more than 50 won in a month… “More down in the second half”

The exchange rate, which hovered around the mid-1,300 won range for a while, has recently dropped significantly.

The outlook that the global economy in메이저사이트 the second half of this year will not be worse than expected has been reflected, but there are many prospects that it will go down further in the future.

Reporter Kim Ji-sun reports.

The won-dollar exchange rate took a hit on the 2nd of last month after wondering if it would go up.

Following the conclusion of the US debt ceiling negotiations, expectations for a US interest rate freeze grew and fell sharply.

It fell by more than 50 won in one month.

[Suk Byeong-hun / Professor of Economics, Ewha Womans University: In the case of the US, the expectation that interest rates are close to the final level is spreading throughout the market, so it seems that the dollar will not continue to strengthen any longer.] Experts say that the exchange rate will fall further in the second half of this year

. I’m looking forward to it.

It is an analysis that the won will be strengthened by the end of austerity and expectations for the recovery of semiconductor exports. [Lee Yoo –

jeong / Researcher at Hana Bank: Even if it is not a big recovery, the conversion is expected to raise positive expectations in the market.

Even if rates remain unchanged this week, the possibility of further hikes next month remains.

Although there is no capital outflow due to the interest rate difference between Korea and the US yet, if it goes up to 2%p, the value of the dollar rises and the exchange rate may rise again.

[Hong Kyung-shik / Director of Monetary Policy Bureau, Bank of Korea: Amid the ongoing current account deficit, if the US Fed raises interest rates further or the domestic monetary policy changes early, the pressure on the exchange rate to rise could rise again.] Contrary to the optimistic outlook, the Bank of Korea

recently Consumption has slowed due to high interest rates, and given the high inventory ratio, it is difficult to predict when the semiconductor industry will recover.

It is interpreted as meaning that the situation where the won is weak despite the weak dollar may continue in the second half of the year.

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