‘The importance of basics’ emphasized by coach Lee Sang-hoon of Cheongsol Middle School

Don’t you need a bowl to contain water? The same goes for technology. Without the foundation of physical strength, you cannot learn a skill.”

Last year, Chungsoljung started off fresh. The players were healthy, and they won the juvenile athletics evaluation match. But the joy was short-lived. Since April, injured players have been appearing one after another, leaving regrets in every tournament they have participated in. 

Coach Lee Sang-hoon said, “At the beginning of last year, we expected good results because there were no injured players. Then came the crisis as many players suffered serious injuries. The atmosphere in the team also became a bit chaotic. It was a year that was regrettable, regrettable, and heartbreaking,” he said, looking back at 2022. 

There was no comfort. He won a bronze medal in the boys’ sports competition, and passed the preliminary round with only 1st and 2nd graders in the weekend league Wangjungwangjeon, where 3rd grade players left due to injuries. These players are the 2nd and 3rd grade players who will be the main players of the team this year. 

Coach Lee said, “(The tournament experience)메이저사이트 helped me a lot, but I am still in the growth phase. Friends who have played basketball since elementary school are short in stature, and tall friends have short speech skills. At the beginning of this year (getting good grades), it seems a little difficult, and after the middle, I wonder if I can hit the top ranks,” he predicted in 2023. 

This year, Cheongsol Middle School has a total of 13 teams, including 4 juniors, 5 sophomores, and 4 freshmen. In January and February, he sweated hard during winter training in Jeju. Coach Lee said, “All schools will make winter training difficult. We also trained mainly on physical strength. In the case of players who have not had winter training due to Corona 19, it is difficult because they use muscles they have not used. During the winter season, to prevent injuries, we gave the players appropriate intensity training.” 

Coach Lee is a leader who shows ‘defensive basketball’. In 2023, he introduced the atmosphere of the team, saying that he would play basketball that takes transition quickly based on strong pressure. Coach Lee said, “The players are friendly with each other, and the team atmosphere is good. Fighting abounds. The goal is always to win. In order to do that, we have to pass the preliminary round first,” he said, revealing his near goal. 

At the same time, he spoke strongly about the ‘importance of the foundation’. Coach Lee said, “We always talk about defense and body care. And it emphasizes the basics in everything. Don’t you need a bowl to hold the water? The same goes for technology. If you don’t have the foundation of physical strength, you can’t learn a skill. And when you have basic skills, other skills come out. Offense needs a base, defense also needs a base. Everything starts from the basics. No matter how much you emphasize it, it is the foundation that cannot be overemphasized.” He asked the players to strengthen the foundation. 

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