The manager’s communication and the pitcher’s persistence

There has never been a conversation like this before. The coach announced the decision and the player said otherwise. In Korean baseball, I don’t think there has ever been a case where a player publicly expressed a different opinion about a manager’s judgment. This is the story of LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop and closing pitcher Ko Woo-seok.

After Ko went through a roller coaster of losses and saves in recent games, Coach Yeom orders a change in the ball mix.

“The player’s strength is the fastball. Wooseok is very greedy for the breaking ball… We decided to design the pitching based on the fastball… We ended the discussion on a positive note in the meeting, including the catcher, by focusing on the catcher’s ball mix,” he said in a media interview. . “We communicated,” the director says.

In a post-game interview, when asked by a reporter whether he had changed his pitch mix, Go said, “No… I thought about only throwing a slider from the first pitch to the last pitch because the coach said my slider was weak. (But) I couldn’t think of anything when I left the game… I had to change my pitch mix.” “This is a later issue, the important thing is not to break the balance.” “He’s stubborn, too,” says the athlete.

I found a good topic to study about ‘real communication’. Although this is a story about a baseball team, there are insights to be looked at between leaders and members in various organizations. If you have any new perspectives and opinions, please send them to coachjmoon Gmail.

Honest, but insufficient conversation.

The coach speaks differently about the players in their judgment. This is not an easy scene under an authoritarian hierarchy. Pay attention to how honest you are with each other.

Being able to open up your opinions without adding or subtracting is evidence of a healthy relationship. This is possible because we respect the other person’s position. What would it have been like if it had been a different team or a different player? I believe that Coach Yeom and Ko have brought new changes to our baseball game. The power of the MZ generation can be felt in Korean baseball as well.

But it wasn’t enough. Although communication was achieved, the player was left feeling frustrated. “I think you feel like my slider is weak because you haven’t seen me much because I’ve been out due to injury for a long time,” he said. The coach described the high percentage of breaking balls as ‘the player’s greed’, and it seems like the player wants to explain further about this. I think the meeting at that time was more of a discussion.

But did you know? In conversation, it is about listening and understanding feelings, and in debate, logic competes. When going through a discussion, you must be careful that you may fall into the error of trying to beat your opponent. The opponent in front of you is not an enemy, but a member of the same team. The goal is to find a way to win together. It is necessary to not accept that ‘you are thinking wrong’.

Strategic, but the diagnosis was different.

In the future, calculations for other teams’ benches and other teams’ batters will become more complicated. This is because the player’s pattern will be different from before. Fixed patterns are easily analyzed and exploited. I believe that LG Baseball, which maintains the lead with strong team power and a solid composition, has been able to examine and prepare for potential risk factors through this issue. So this issue is very strategic.

Isn’t it something we should pay more attention to when the diagnosis is different? The coach believed that the cause of the pitching was due to the ball mix and the player’s balance. If the cause analysis is different, the response will be different. In order to go beyond ‘stubbornness’ and ‘communicate’ with each other, we must talk on sufficient and objective grounds. It is possible to approach various data and observations as an expert.

Once the director’s instructions are given, you must accept them. The parts that need to be modified can be changed after looking at the results, and the responsibility lies with the director. Following instructions is team first. It’s the same at Google.

This is what Shane Snow, author of ‘Dream Team’, introduced in ‘How to Have Productive Discussions at Work’ published in the January-February 2019 issue of Harvard Business Review (HBR). “Disagreements may be uncomfortable, but they are more likely to make progress and produce breakthrough solutions than good conversation…There are no winners, and when we make progress, the team wins…Don’t judge, ask questions, and assume good intentions…” *Add먹튀검증

. = Go said, “I have a desire to use every ball to the best of my ability.” If I get the chance, I would like to tell you how former tennis star Andre Agassi changed his similar thinking.

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Jong-moon Kim is a former reporter for the JoongAng Ilbo and worked as the front desk for the NC Dinos baseball team from 2011 to 2021. At the end of 2018, he took over as general manager of the ‘last place’ team and led it to its first winning team two years later. He is currently a Korea Coaches Association Certified Coach (KPC).

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