“The problem is not Conte, the team’s attitude has to change” Conte Dudun Kulusevski, Tottenham stay ‘unsure’

Tottenham right-winger Dejan Kulusevski sided with Antonio Conte after his remarks against Tottenham executives sparked controversy.

” Conte, like all of our players, is very disappointed (with the result). We have to accept it. We missed every chance to win. We have to be angry. Others may take it differently, but We have to respect Conte’s words.”

After that, Conte was effectively sacked.

Kulusevski is a player on loan from Juventus. until this season There was a condition that if Tottenham remained in the Champions League, it would automatically be a full transfer.

However, Tottenham failed to maintain 4th place in the league, making it virtually difficult to remain in the Champions League. In response, Goal Italy recently argued that Tottenham may not completely transfer Kulusevski. Gol Italia explained: “If we fail to qualify for the Champions League, Tottenham’s transfer budget will be limited, and the decision on Kulusevsky is likely to be made by Tottenham’s next manager.” Kulusevski’s transfer fee is 35 million euros. In addition, Kulusevski’s friend and former team-mate Panagiotis Luka also said it was unclear whether Kulusevski would remain at Tottenham. Luca, who worked together with Kulusevski at Atalanta, said that Kulusevski would be able to play an active role at Juventus. Luca told Juve News: “Nanu Kulusepneki and

We spoke a week before Conte left토스카지노. He stressed to me that conte was not the problem.

He said that the team’s attitude needs to change, that it needs to change. ” What he did at 23 isn’t for everyone. If he returns to Juventus, it will be a completely different story. He never said anything to me and it’s too early to think about it. “It takes time to figure out what to do,” he said.

“If important players like Harry Kane leave Tottenham, things will change. The same goes for Juventus. If Di Maria doesn’t re-sign, there will be more room for Kulusevski. Compared to his first experience at Juventus, he has grown a lot.”

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