The restaurant that reused the investigator’s leftovers…busted.

A number of restaurants have been caught reusing food left by customers.

On April 8, the Busan Special Judicial Police Division announced that it cracked down on illegal activities at 225 food service establishments from April to May and caught 메이저사이트11 violators.

The restaurants committed offenses such as reusing food left by customers and passing off Chinese chili powder as domestic.

In some cases, the owners and employees worked as a family unit and secretly reused leftovers in the kitchen. They were even caught trying to serve other customers the same side dishes left by enforcement investigators.

If you have witnessed illegal activities such as reusing side dishes in restaurants, you can report them through the Korea Food and Drug Safety Administration’s Fraudulent and Adulterated Food Report Center (1399) or the National Human Rights Commission’s National Newspaper Report.

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