The safety line collapses at the request for an autograph for ‘20,000 people gather every day’… Japan’s WBC national team

Nearly 20,000 cloud spectators are gathering every day. The training of the Japanese WBC national team is a hot topic.스포츠토토 There was also a safety accident because of the fans who gathered to get autographs.

The Japanese baseball team is currently undergoing camp training in preparation for the WBC at Miyazaki Sanmarin Stadium. Darvish Yu (San Diego), Sasaki Rocky (Chiba Lotte), and Murakami Munetaka (Yakult) are gathered here, and fans are very interested in them. Even though Shohei Ohtani (Angels), the ‘super star’, has not joined yet, huge crowds gather to watch the national team training almost every day.

On the 17th, the first day of training, 18,541 spectators gathered, and the next day, 19,021 spectators flocked to San Marine Stadium. On the 21st, 18,356 spectators came to watch the national team training. It is like training in the cheers and gazes of more than 20,000 fans almost every day.

According to Japan’s ‘Daily Sports’ report, a safety accident also occurred on the 21st. “As fans flocked to demand autographs of star players such as Darvish, Yamamoto Yoshinobu, and Sasaki, two safety fences were broken in an instant, causing chaos.”

Fans gathered in front of the team’s bus on their way back to the hotel after training rushed to ask for their autographs when Darvish and key players appeared. Because there were so many people, it was easy to have a safety accident even if you were prepared. As the crowd pushed and shoved each other, a dangerous situation arose in which the fans in front were pushed, and even shouts of ‘dangerous’ and ‘don’t push’ came out. There were no injuries, but it shows the great interest in the current Japanese national team.

On the other hand, Darvish got on the bus and left his luggage and came out again to hold an ‘instant autograph session’ mainly for young children. Safety personnel deployed in various places have prevented fans from excessive contact, but voices say that additional measures are needed. One media pointed out, “It is fortunate that there were no injuries, but it was a chaotic situation so that it would not be strange if injuries did occur. In order to maintain this kind of fan service in the future, fans must keep order and be careful.”

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